Brown Hall of Entomology

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The Cockrell Butterfly Center is well known for its gorgeous walk-through butterfly habitat, but there is much more to explore in the world of insects! Visit the exhibitions surrounding the rain forest conservatory for an in-depth look at arthropods.

Upper Level: The Amazing World of Arthropods!
Marvel at astounding living insects, spectacular mounted specimens, larger-than-life models, and interactive games. Search for camouflaged creatures, meet a cricket weatherman, learn how insects are used to solve crimes, watch leaf cutter ants at work, see giant wasp nests, get a close-up look of some of Houston’s largest cockroaches, and much, much more!

Chrysalis Corner
Witness butterflies emerge! This unique exhibit showcases the remarkable transformation of many species of butterfly. Watch them break of their chrysalis and begin to expand their wings. If you’re lucky, you can watch them being released.

Lower Level: Insects and Us!
Tucked underneath the waterfall and behind the cenote pool, discover how insects are particularly important to humans. Listen to interviews with real-life entomologists and take a peek into an entomologist’s lab, where you can look up close at insect specimens.

Pick up some butterfly gardening tips, learn about backyard beekeeping, and explore the best ways to control mosquitoes.

Insect Vending Machine
Arthropods can make a tasty snack! Learn how different cultures incorporate insects into their diets, and then try it out for yourself with a tasty snack from this unusual vending machine.

Main Level: The Land of Beeyond
Perfect for families for little ones who are “knee high to a grasshopper”! In this immersive insect environment, kids can play in a giant beehive, make insect rubbings, put together puzzles, or enjoy insect picture books.

Director: Nancy Greig Ph.D.

Dr. Greig is a botanist and entomologist, with a specialty in the interaction between insects, especially butterflies, and plants. She can speak knowledgeably on a variety of subjects, such as butterflies and butterfly gardening, the monarch butterfly migration, pollinating insects, insects in general, tropical plants and their adaptations, and plant….

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