Early Investigations

Early Investigations is the Museum’s onsite Early Childhood Development program and shows thousands of children each year the wonders of scientific discovery. Led by an HMNS docent, the program features a 45-minute interactive class and a 45-minute guided tour of one exhibit hall. To book your Early Investigations program, click here. Just choose one of our 8 topics:

  • Find Fun in Fossils
    What are fossils? Investigate bones, claws, teeth, and more as students become junior paleontologists and study real fossil specimens up close and personal with our brushes and magnifying glasses! Then, explore the adaptations of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals on a guided tour of theMorian Hall of Paleontology. Maximum capacity: 100 people.
  • Build your own Butterfly: Insect Zoo
    Why do butterflies have such bright colors? How many legs do insects have? Study a variety of common insects, investigating their characteristics, structures, life cycles and how they impact humans. In addition to the class, students will get a close up look at a wide variety of bugs and butterflies on a guided tour of the Cockrell Butterfly Center and Brown Hall of Entomology! Maximum capacity: 100 people.
  • Don’t Just Study – Safari!
    Learn all about the vast, diverse continent of Africa. Students will discuss how Africa differs from North America, exploring the wildlife and people that make it unique. On their guided tour of the Frensley/Graham Hall of African Wildlife, students will go on safari to learn about animals in their natural habitats, as well as the cultural aspects of African life. Maximum capacity: 50 people.
  • Ancient Egypt: Build a Pyramid
    Investigate the land of pyramids and mummies, learning about Egyptian geography, time lines and the role of the Nile River in daily life. Students will  build a pyramid and get a closer look of actual Egyptian artifacts on their guided tour of The Hall of Ancient Egypt.  Maximum capacity: 100 people
  • Too Cool Tools: Native North Americans
    Meet North America’s earliest residents, learning all about the origins of various early American peoples and their survival through the development of tools and agriculture. During the classroom component, students will practice making an arrow with dowels, feathers, sinew and a felt arrowhead. During a guided tour of the McGovern Hall of the Americas, students will witness the various adaptations of these people as they migrated from north to south. Maximum capacity: 50 people.
  • Maya Makeover: Native Latin Americans
    Discover life in pre-Columbian Latin America through a discussion of Meso-American origins and survival. Students will create their own colorful poncho out of construction paper and feathers. On their guided tour of the McGovern Hall of the Americas, they will learn all about the tools these people used in their daily life. Maximum capacity: 50 people.
  • Snake on the Plains! Texas Wildlife
    Explore the animals and birds native to Texas, learning all about the adaptations that help them thrive in our different ecosystems. On the guided tour of the Farish Hall of Texas Wildlife, students will learn why birds are so varied, what to do if you encounter a snake and the lifestyles of different mammals. During the classroom component, students will construct their own coral snake to take home! Maximum capacity: 50 people.
  • Crustacean Creations: Under the Sea
    Dive into the fascinating world of marine creatures, including mollusks, sponges, corals, crustaceans, echinoderms and more! Students will make a seashell necklace of their very own during the class portion and then will have the opportunity to view real marine specimens on their guided tour of the Strake Hall of Malacology. Maximum capacity: 50 people.

Have a group over 100 people? Contact us for more booking options, including Early Childhood Development labs, at educationquestions@hmns.org.

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