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Become mission controllers and astronauts as your employees fly a Mission to Mars at the Expedition Center!

Mission Scenario
In the year 2076, the United States is ready to take the next big leap in space exploration. After successfully operating a base on the Moon, called New Tranquility Base, the time has come to send a group of scientists to the planet Mars. The expedition has been named Operation: LEAPFROG – Lunar Exchange And Preparation For Research On-Going, and has two phases. During Phase One, the New Tranquility Base lunar colonists must act as Mission Control to bring their replacements from Earth orbit to the Moon for a crew exchange. After landing, Phase Two begins with new mission controllers and new astronauts ready to begin the journey to Mars. The expedition is completed with a successful landing on Chryse Planitia, the Golden Plains of Mars. Along the way, astronauts must complete experiments and make certain the ship is functioning properly.  Mission controllers must track information, do research, and ensure the safety of the crew. The success of the expedition relies on responsibility, teamwork, communications, and good decision-making.

How Will the Expedition Center Help Your Company?
The Expedition Center is a model of your company:  Mission Control is the home office, handling information and tracking the progress of the astronauts. On board the space ship, the astronauts are their off-site counterparts who do the hands-on experimental and engineering work. Neither group can get their job done without the other.  In the expedition there are teams with different duties, information to be shared, people that must rely on each other, and a common goal of success – just like in the workplace.

Does your business count on teamwork, timely project completion and smoothly flowing communication? 
So does a successful mission into outer space!  At the Expedition Center, participants must use their workplace skills such as teamwork, communication, prioritizing and problem-solving to achieve their goal of a successful mission.  

Have you ever had to wait on information from a coworker?  
On the SS Legacy, a science officer must finish his experiments, but nothing can get done until his mission controller passes on the proper information.  

Has anything ever gone wrong at work, forcing employees to go into “damage control” and make quick decisions to recover?  
On your Mars Transport spacecraft, plenty of emergency situations can occur, from human errors to natural phenomena, and it’s up to Mission Control to guide the crew through any needed repairs.  

Have you ever been in a situation where there seems to be no right answer?  
Your astronauts may encounter a dilemma where the fate of the world rests in one team’s hands. 

Download the Corporate Team Building Brochure.

Schedule a Mission for Your Team

Expedition Center Team Building expeditions can be scheduled in the morning, afternoon, or evening. There are different versions of the activity to fit your group size and needs. The Museum of Natural Science has space available for meetings or meals and options of caterers to serve you.

Ready to Book?
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After you have booked your team-building activity, use Corporate Expedition Prep Packet to prepare for your Mission.
Expedition Center Corporate Teambuilding Missions

Mission to the Moon and Mars

Team roles: astronauts & mission controllers
Group size:  14 – 40
Time needed: 2 - 2.5 hours
Price: $500

Mission to Mars

Team roles:  astronauts
Group size:  12 – 23
Time needed: 1 - 1.5 hours
Price: $300

Fossil Dig Expedition

Join HMNS paleontologists and geologists on a fossil dig on the banks of the Brazos River.  Hunt for ancient marine creatures that lived 56 million years ago—when Texas was underwater.  Fossils at the site include numerous types of mollusks as well as shark teeth and fish bones.  Everyone is guaranteed to find fossils!

Group size: up to 30

For more information and to schedule a dig, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Wiess Energy Team Building

Wiess Energy Team Building Activity Enhance your department's teamwork abilities while experiencing an overview of the geology, geography and politics of the oil and gas industry. This unique energy-industry-specific teambuilding activity takes team members through the Wiess Energy Hall to expand their general knowledge of the oil and gas industry. Small groups will be assigned different roles in the task of choosing a location to build an oil rig and will research their group's tasks in the exhibit.

Each group will contribute their unique knowledge in the decision-making process. Workplace communication and decision-making skills will be practiced as each team contributes to make the best decision. 

Team Building sessions are designed as half-day sessions for group of 16 - 40. $100 per person.

Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to schedule or inquire about smaller or larger groups.

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