The Burke Baker Planetarium at HMNS – Hermann Park will be closed through September 5. We apologize for any inconvenience.

3 Ways To Enjoy HMNS

1 HMNS 5555 Hermann Park Dr.
Houston,Texas 77030 (713) 639-4629
2HMNS at Sugar Land13016 University Blvd.
Sugar Land, Texas (281) 313-2277
3George Observatory 21901 FM 762 Rd.
Needville, Texas (281) 242-3055
Exhibitions, venues, events and classes vary by location.

Make your event an experience your guests will never forget!

The Houston Museum of Natural Science offers several options to help make your event unique.

Special Exhibition Viewings

Take your event to the next level by offering your guests a private viewing of any of our special exhibitions, which can be arranged for an additional fee. 

Discovery Guides

Discovery guides are members of our staff who are trained and knowledgeable about one or more of our permanent exhibit halls and special exhibitions. They will make your event a memorable experience by not only answering your guests' questions, but also engaging them with interesting facts.

HMNS Gift Shops

Leave your guests with a lasting memory of their event experience by including a gift from any of our Museum Stores. HMNS special events staff can assist you in finding the perfect gift. Orders should be placed 8 weeks before your event and quantity discounts are available.

Expedition Center

Help your staff enhance their workplace skills with a teambuilding mission in our Expedition Center. Built in honor of the 1986 Challenger Mission, the Center offers you and your guests the opportunity to explore outer space, while enhancing such essential skills as teamwork, communication, prioritizing and problem-solving.

The Museum of Natural Hysteria Scavenger Hunt

Looking for a great new way to enjoy the museum with a group? Watson Adventures' acclaimed scavenger hunts will take you on a whirlwind tour of the highlights and hidden gems in the galleries as your team quests for answers to tricky, humorous questions. Your group will be talking about their discoveries for days and weeks to come.

On teams of up to six people, you’ll discover which dinosaur gave the diplodocus a leg up, why a pterosaurus can't wear a wedding ring, what kind of stink makes the blackest pottery, how a pig does clean-up work for a dirty job, and the reason zebras should fear a condiment stand. Plus you'll see the best of the new Hall of Paleontology, so vivid you might swear you feel the hot breath of a looming dinosaur.

The game is neither a race nor an exam. The humorous questions emphasize nimble thinking and teamwork, and they're crafted to bring out the various skills of each member of your team. No previous knowledge of the museum or its contents is necessary: All you need are sharp eyes and comfy shoes.

Watson Adventures offer various editions of the hunt, suitable for assorted groups. The hunts are great for corporate team-building, for boosting morale, for introducing school groups to the museum, for birthday parties and other social celebrations -- you name it.

If you are interested in an event in the evening and are interested in renting out the Morian Hall of Paleontology, we have a shorter 45-minute hunt just in that section.

Since 1999 Watson Adventures has been America's leader in museum scavenger hunts, practically inventing the modern version of the witty museum game. National media, such as ABC News, USA Today, the Washington Post, the Boston Herald, the New York Times, and the San Francisco Chronicle have acclaimed Watson Adventures hunts.

To learn more and get in the game....

 Visit for more information. 

Contact us online:

Or call sales associate Eileen Gribbon at 877-9-GO HUNT (877-946-4868), extension 26.

The hunt's afoot!

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