Learn about the natural world & the unique creatures who inhabit it.

Bringing a group to HMNS Sugar Land? Explore science, nature and history in our interactive science labs which feature specimens, artifacts and laboratory equipment.

Each lab lasts one hour and accommodates up to 25 students. Labs cost range between $165 per lab and $200 (for Dissection Lab*) and include admission to the Museum's Permanent Exhibit Halls.

If your group is interested in scheduling a lab please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Wildlife Labs

African safari - The continent of Africa offers the most diverse wildlife on the globe. Come see African natives and learn about their struggles to survive.

Magnificent Mollusca - What has a beak (but it’s not a bird), a mantle (but it’s not a fireplace), a foot (but no legs) and jet propulsion (but isn’t a rocket)?

November – NO LAB

Mechanics of Flight - Soar like an eagle, dive like a falcon, or glide like an owl as you get a bird’s eye view of flight.

January – NO LAB

How It’s Made - If you have eaten honey or worn silk, you have benefited from the labor of these industrious creatures. Take a behind-the-scenes look at these animal-run factories.

Howdy Neighbor - Introduce yourself to the neighbors as you encounter animals that can be found right here in Texas, some as close as your backyard!

Carnivorous Plants - Bees, flies, and beetles BEWARE! For the next plant you pollinate could be your last! Come learn about the plants that bite back.

MARVEL-ous Creatures - BAM! POW! WHAM! Feats of super strength, ultra vision, and tremendous speed happen every day! Don’t miss your chance to encounter real-life superheroes of the animal kingdom.

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