ConocoPhillips Techno Science Labs feature interactive experiments for grades 1 - 8

Bringing a group to HMNS or HMNS Sugar Land? Explore science, nature and history in our interactive science labs which feature specimens, artifacts and laboratory equipment.

Each lab lasts one hour and accommodates up to 25 students. Labs cost range between $165 per lab and $200 (for Dissection Lab*) and include admission to the Museum's Permanent Exhibit Halls.

If your group is interested in scheduling a lab please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Dissection Labs*

Featuring dissections for grades 5-10 

Not for the Squeamish (September)
Take a close look at the mammalian respiratory system as you dissect a sheep pluck, separating the lungs from the trachea and heart. Includes lung dissection.

Leaping Lizards (November at HMNS and November 20 in Sugar Land)
Moths, roaches and beetles, Yum! Discover a fascinating predator and local color changer, the anole. Includes lizard dissection.

14-legged Fun (January)
It’s neither part horse nor crab, but it sure is one incredible arthropod! Investigate the horseshoe crab inside and out. Includes horseshoe crab dissection.

Think About It (March)
Examine the body’s most complex organ, the brain. Put your axons to work as you model nerves and neurotransmitters. Includes sheep brain dissection.

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