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In the year 2076, the United States is ready to take the next big leap in space exploration. After successfully operating a base on the Moon, called New Tranquility Base, the time has come to send a group of scientists to the planet Mars. These scientists have been training on the Moon for their journey.

The expedition has been named Operation: LEAPFROG – Lunar Exchange And Preparation For Research On-Going, and has two phases.

Phase one: The New Tranquility Base colonists must act as Mission Control to bring their replacements from Earth orbit to the Moon. Once they arrive, the replacements will take over Mission Control in New Tranquility Base.

Phase two begins with new expedition controllers and new astronauts ready to begin the journey to Mars. The expedition is completed with a successful landing on Chryse Planitia, the Golden Plains of Mars.

Along the way astronauts must complete experiments and make sure the ship is functioning properly, while expedition controllers track information, do research and ensure the safety of the crew. The success of the expedition relies on responsibility, teamwork, communications, and good decision-making.

A Full expedition consists of both a Moon and Mars landing with mission controllers and astronauts. Junior and Mini Expedition only do half of Operation: LEAPFROG with a Moon or Mars landing and all students are astronauts.

Option NameGradeSpecial CharacteristicsLengthFee*Number of Participants
Junior Expedition1 - 3Participants act only as astronauts, one adult required per 2 children to help with reading. Moon landing.1.5 hours$18512 - 20 students, minimum of 8 adults
Mini Mars Expedition4 - 7Participants act only as astronauts. Mars landing.1 hour$16012 – 20 students
Advanced Mini Expedition7 - 12Harder tasks. Participants act only as astronauts. Mars landing.1 hour$16012 – 20 students
Full Expedition4 - 7Participants act as both astronauts and mission controllers, Landings on Moon and Mars.2 hours$28024 – 40 students
Advanced Full Expedition8 - 12Harder tasks. Participants act as both astronauts and mission controllers. Landings on Moon and Mars.2 hours$28024 – 40 students

*First Time Flyer Discounts

We believe that a Chevron Expedition Center Program is so unique that the only way to fully understand it is to participate! We want to make it easier for you to take the first step to using the program as a tool to help teach science concepts and life skills.

We can give you a great discount on your first expeditions because we think that you will want to come back year after year once your students tell you it was the best field trip they have ever been on.

These discounts are available to public schools, private schools, home school groups, and any associated extracurricular activities. Discounted programs can take place at the Expedition Center located at either the George Observatory or HMNS. Schools are not eligible if anyone from that school has booked a Chevron Expedition Center Program within the past 3 years. Expedition Center staff will check registration records and make the decision of eligibility.

Find Out if Your School is Eligible
Call the Expedition Center at 713-639-4736 before registering. The Expedition Center staff will check your eligibility and give you a special code for your discount that you will use when you are ready to register. Then pick the program that is right for your group and follow the registration instructions on the Accepting Your Expedition page.

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