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The Expedition Starts in your Classroom!

We offer free curriculum designed to get you and your class ready for an exciting expedition to outer space in the Expedition Center!

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Expedition Preparation Manuals

After you book an expedition, you should receive expedition preparation material. It will contain a teacher packet, activity book, and your confirmation letter. You can download the teacher packet here.

Full Expedition, Regular or Advanced
Mini Expedition, Moon or Mars, Regular or Advanced
Junior Expedition

If you do not receive preparation materials with a confirmation letter in the mail within 2 weeks of registration, call 713-639-4736.

Begin Your Training

A Chevron Expedition Center Program is more than just a one-day field trip. The expedition starts in your classroom and lasts long after the experience.

We recommend that you incorporate the expedition preparation material into your daily curriculum to take advantage of the potential of this unique experience. Some of the activities go beyond science, such as team applications and designing an expedition patch. At a minimum, your students should know what team they are on, what their duties will be, and have the proper name badge on when they arrive at the Expedition Center.

During the Chevron Expedition Center Program, we will work on many processing skills: communication, problem solving, teamwork, decision making, following instructions, etc. We do not focus on the concepts of science (such as phases of the moon, the solar system, rocketry, etc.) in the mission. This should be done in your classroom before and after the field trip.

Many teams will touch on these concepts in the expedition, but each team has a different set of tasks. Therefore, only a few students will experience a concept. This is why doing “astronaut training” before a expedition is important. It gives all students an opportunity to be involved in all of the different science concepts. In other words, all students can train for a job and learn about it, but only a few will do it during the expedition.

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