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altMeet the Fascinating Monarch Butterfly!

LyondellBasell Bugs On Wheels: Monarchs – Metamorphosis, Migration, and Mimicry tells the incredible story of monarch butterflies.

 This presentation explores the life of a unique yet familiar butterfly, teaching students how metamorphosis, mimicry, and migration can help butterflies and other animals to survive difficult conditions.

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Have you ever wondered why some butterflies mimic the monarch’s orange and black colors, why monarch caterpillars eat poisonous plants, and why some monarchs migrate?  Find out how these adaptations help protect the monarch and other butterflies as well.

See and touch live specimens in various stages of the amazing butterfly life cycle, and learn why the monarch is one of the most versatile members of the insect world!

Presentation-Specific TEKS Curriculum Included In Every Program Booked!

Download TEKS-based curriculum for Monarchs – Metamorphosis, Migration, and Mimicry at the links below.

These documents include specific TEKS correlations, activities to prepare your class for the outreach presentation, vocabulary covered in the presentation, and activities to reinforce what students have learned.

Grades K – 2
Grades 3 – 5
Middle School

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