Energy 101

The Houston Museum of Natural Science's Wiess Energy Hall is one of the nation's most sophisticated and comprehensive energy exhibits.

And thanks to our online exhibit, Energy 101, you can take advantage of all the resources of Wiess on-the-go and engage with interactive learning methods that are both fun and informative.

Energy 101 is anything but rote classroom exercise. You’ll explore how scientific concepts are applied and learn about advanced technology in the oil-and-gas industry. Learn about one of Houston's most booming and historically influential businesses by understanding the processes of energy development, including about how oil and natural gas are formed and the ways in which various types of energy are used. To learn more about Energy 101, click here.


Class - An Overview Of The Energy Industry

How does your job fit into the petroleum value chain? Learn about the fundamental, interlocking links of the industry and the economics of how each link in the chain influences the others. Upstream: Geology (How is oil formed?), Exploration (How is oil found in the earth?), Drilling (How is it done? What about drilling rights?) Downstream: Transportation (How do oil and gas get from the source to the consumer?) and Refining (What is done to crude oil to make it usable?)

Includes breakfast, lunch and a guided tour of the Wiess Energy Hall.

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