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Early Childhood Development Classes

HMNS offers a variety of classes, tours, and labs for 5-8 year olds! With hands-on activities, interactive curriculum, and exciting, engaging topics, these opportunities are sure to be a hit with your daycare or school group!

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Early Investigations

Led by an HMNS docent, our Early Investigations program features a 45-minute interactive class and a 45-minute guided tour of one exhibit hall. Some of our exciting programs are:

Paleontology: What are fossils? Investigate bones, claws, teeth, and more as students become junior paleontologists and study real fossil specimens up close and personal with our brushes and magnifying glasses! Then, explore the adaptations of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals on a guided tour of the Morian Hall of Paleontology.

Insect Zoo: Why do butterflies have such bright colors? How many legs do insects have? Study a variety of common insects, investigating their characteristics, structures, life cycles, and how they impact humans. In addition to the class, students will get a close up look at a wide variety of bugs and butterflies on a guided tour of the Cockrell Butterfly Center and Brown Hall of Entomology!

Other topics include Texas Wildlife, Under the Sea, Native North Americans, Native Latin Americans, Africa, and Egypt!

Cost is $5 per person and includes access to either the Permanent Exhibit Halls or the Cockrell Butterfly Center.

Lab Classes

Certified teachers incorporate hands on, classroom activities for students in kindergarten through second grade in our exciting lab classes! Topics include fossils and animal adaptations.

Fossils: Students learn the difference between different types of fossils, as well as what makes a dinosaur a dinosaur in this interactive class!

Animal Adaptations: Why do some birds have short beaks while other birds have long, pointy beaks? Investigate the different adaptations that help animals survive in the wild through this exciting lab!

Lab classes can be purchased for $5 per person with the purchase of an exhibit hall ticket. All tours are self-guided.

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