Invaders of Mars HMNS Planetarium

Roam the Martian wilderness!

Popular fiction, movies and television shows often depict an alien invasion of Earth, with terrifying consequences. But few consider that we are alien invaders – of Mars, the Red Planet.
And now – the invaders have landed! Under the care of Emmy award-winning space artist Don Davis, Invaders of Mars! highlights humanity’s ongoing exploration of The Red Planet.  Roam the Martian wilderness, as seen by Earth’s various spacecraft “invaders” and use the data gathered to explore the surface of this colorful world. Fly over the great chasms, canyons and volcanoes, descend amid the ice of a Martian polar cap and experience swirling dust devils. Blinded by the planet-wide storms which engulf this world from time to time, emerge to discover a whole new world.

It has been 400 years since Galileo became the first astronomer to explore the sun, moon, and planets through a telescope. What we have learned about the Mars in the following four centuries is an unparalleled feat of human ingenuity – captured beautifully in Invaders of Mars!, a stunningly realistic virtual journey to the Red Planet.
Narrated by Tom Baker, the star of the BBC’s Dr. Who and produced by Evans & Sutherland Corporation. Invaders of Mars is made possible by Education and Public Outreach funding from NASA through a grant to the Department of Biology and Biochemistry at the University of Houston.

PLEASE NOTE: Invaders of Mars! is not currently showing in the Burke Baker Planetarium at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. See Today's Schedule.

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