Tales of a Time Traveler

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In Tales of a Time Traveler, time travel surrounds you – from the biological clock in your brain and the changing shadows on our Cockrell Sundial, to the history of life on Earth. Then the story expands to the lives of stars, the time scale of the Big Bang, and the distortion of time by gravity.

This is an epic journey told by David Tennant, the 10th Doctor in the Dr. Who series. He plays a time traveler, who guides you through all of time. Throughout our galaxy we find moments of creative violence mixed with eons of calm, random chapters in this time traveler’s tale.

In the words of our Time Traveler narrator, “Time is a slippery thing, illusive, impossible to hold. It can’t be owned. It can’t be stopped. You journey through space. You experience time. I’ll be your guide through all of time – time’s beginnings and endings, time’s cycles inside cycles – from your personal sense of time, to Earth time, star time, and finally cosmic time. As humans, your time is limited, but your perception of it isn’t. You can experience a million years in a minute, a billion years in the blink of an eye”

It’s a cosmic journey you must take this fall!

Tales of a Time Traveler is a co-production of the Houston Museum of Natural Science and Evans & Sutherland, created in 8K to use all of the resolution possible on our Planetarium dome. Time’s score is composed by Chance Thomas and performed by the Utah Film Orchestra.

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HMNS at Hermann Park

5555 Hermann Park Dr.
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