Think you're an expert on all things Egyptian?

Prove it. Our new online Egypt quiz is designed to be taken for time, so if you snooze, you quite literally lose. You have 20 seconds to answer each of our 10 questions, and the faster you can answer, the better.

Don't try anything funny, though; refreshing the page counts as an automatic forfeit of the question. Once the quiz is complete, budding Egyptologists will be given the chance to claim their scores on the leaderboard - with high scorers earning titles from reigning pharaoh all the way down to scuttling scarab.

Test your knowledge now!



Hessen rules Egypt 8420
Shontana Rules8050
hessen is can be the president 7520
Tip: You'll be given a chance to claim your score after you complete the challenge. © 2013 HMNS