Brown Hall of Entomology

The Cockrell Butterfly Center is well known for its immersive walk-through butterfly habitat, but there is much more to explore in the world of bugs! Visit the exhibits surrounding the rainforest conservatory for an in-depth look at arthropods.

Canopy Level: The Amazing World of Arthropods!
Marvel at amazing live insects, spectacular mounted specimens, larger-than-life bug models, and interactive games. Explore topics such as arthropod anatomy and physiology, incredible adaptations, buggy record-holders, insect colonies, forensic entomology and much, much more! Witness the magical process of butterflies emerging from their chrysalises, stretching and drying their wings in preparation for their debut in the rainforest conservatory!

Subterranean Level: Insects and Us!
Explore the many ways humanity interacts with the buggy world around us. View an entomologist’s collection, pick up some butterfly gardening tips, learn about bee-keeping, reflect on the constant war on pests and consider bugs as a healthy alternative source of protein for your diet!

Curator: Lauren Davidson

As a kid, Lauren visited the Cockrell Butterfly Center when it first opened in 1994. She instantly fell in love with the butterflies and frequently returned throughout her childhood. She continually became more curious about insects and their relatives during her visits, influencing her to pursue a degree in entomology.….

Also curates the following:


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