Earth Science Labs

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Our Earth Science Labs explore everything earth – from the depths of the ocean to our place in space.
Bringing a group to HMNS or HMNS Sugar Land? Explore science, nature and history in our interactive science labs which feature specimens, artifacts and laboratory equipment.

Each lab lasts one hour and accommodates up to 25 students. Labs cost range between $200 and *$250 per lab (for Dissection Lab*) and include admission to the Museum’s Permanent Exhibit Halls for participating students and their chaperones.

Earth Science Labs

Volcanoes (October at HMNS) – Magma or lava? Explosive or effusive? Explore the types of volcanoes and discover some historic eruptions in this class!

Crystallography and Crystal Formation (February at HMNS and February 25th in Sugar Land) – From salt to snowflakes, crystals are an important part of geology. Discover the importance of crystal structure and how they are formed!

Compost, What Is It Good For? (April at HMNS) – Explore what compost is all about! Determine what every compost pile needs to turn food scraps and yard waste into nutrient rich soil!

Hurricanes (May at HMNS and May 20th in Sugar Land) – It’s hurricane season! Learn about these powerful storms, how they form and how to prepare for them in this whirlwind class.


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