Early Investigations (Grades PreK–5)

Early Investigations is the museum’s science enrichment program for children in grades PreK–5. Consisting of an engaging classroom session and interactive guided tour of one exhibit hall, the EI program is 1.5 hours of fun, scientific exploration! Students will handle real artifacts and specimens and participate in crafts and activities. To book your Early Investigations program, click here.

Choose one of the following seven topics:

 Paleontology: Fun with Fossils

Appropriate for PreK–5th graders.

What are fossils? Investigate bones, claws, teeth, and more as students become junior paleontologists and study real fossil specimens up close and personal. Explore the adaptations of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals on a guided tour of the Morian Hall of Paleontology.

Maximum capacity: 100.

Insect Zoo: Butterfly Center

Appropriate for PreK–5th graders.

Exciting renovations are in progress for the Cockrell Butterfly Center. Please contact us for options and availability.

Why do butterflies have such bright colors? How many legs do insects have? Investigate the characteristics, life cycle and various structures of common insects. Experience the rainforest in a guided tour of the Cockrell Butterfly Center and Brown Hall on Entomology and get an up-close look at a wide variety of bugs and butterflies.

Maximum capacity: 100.

Texas Wildlife: Diverse Ecosystems

Appropriate for PreK–5th graders.

Explore the mammals, birds and reptiles native to Texas, learning the adaptations that help them thrive in different ecosystems. On a guided tour of the Farish Hall of Texas Wildlife, students will explore the fascinating creatures that populate our Texas landscapes.

Maximum capacity: 70.

Native North Americans: Too Cool Tools

Appropriate for PreK–5th graders.

Meet North America’s earliest residents and learn how they survived in the environment in which they lived. Investigate their tools, homes, foods and sources of entertainment. In the McGovern Hall of North America, encounter groups from the Inuits in Alaska to the Navajo of the Plains.

Maximum capacity: 70.

Energy: The Magic of Electricity

Appropriate for 2nd–5th graders.

Ever wonder how we light our homes and power our televisions? Come join us in Early Investigations as we explore the Magic of Electricity. We will examine different forms of energy, operate a generator and experiment with magnets. Solar powered cars and human circuits are two of the wonders that we will experience. A tour of the Wiess Energy Hall will be included with our classroom activities.

Maximum capacity: 70.

Ancient Egypt: Build a Pyramid

Appropriate for 2nd–5th graders.

Discover the land of pyramids and mummies, learning about Egyptian geography, architecture, beliefs/culture and the role of the Nile River in daily life. Investigate the tools used to construct the everlasting pyramids and get a closer look at actual Egyptian artifacts on a guided tour of The Hall of Ancient Egypt.

Maximum capacity: 70.

Malacology: Under the Sea

Appropriate for PreK–5th grade

Dive into the fascinating world of sea creatures, including squids, oysters, whelks, giant turtles and more! Students will have the opportunity to view real marine specimens in the Strake Hall of Malacology and in the Hammond Hall of Texas Coastal Ecology.

Maximum capacity: 100.

If you have more than the maximum number of kids, email educationquestions@hmns.org for your options!

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