Discovery Dome

Half Day - $425, Full Day - $525, Extended Day -$625 - restrictions apply

Full-dome presentations covering the solar system, earth science, ancient history, the human body, and more take students on incredible adventures.

Whether it’s soaring through the galaxy or driving monster trucks on the moon, The Discovery Dome takes audiences on a journey not possible anywhere else.

Our portable inflatable dome theater brings stars, planets, dinosaurs, volcanoes, tornadoes, DNA and much more to your school or group – with over 30 different films to choose from! Scripts and preview videos on DVD are available for many of the shows. Most shows offer Spanish versions as well! Preview your Discovery Dome show, or check out this brochure with all of our options!.

Each full-dome film or live presentation lasts 30 minutes, and you may choose several presentations in the same visit. Extended and late scheduling hours are also available.

Discovery Flight Deck

The Discovery Flight Deck is a projection program that gives participants the feeling of traveling into the depths of space. All Discovery Dome shows and programs can be shown with the Discovery Flight Deck. This program is the perfect option for those with any space limitations at their facility who may not be able to bring in the Discovery Dome or Discovery Dish but still want their audience to experience the excitement of space travel!

The Discovery Flight Deck also has some exciting interactive experiences for your space explorers. On the Discovery Flight Deck all young astronauts get clickers that they can use to control the experience on the front screen – such as choosing which planet to visit or how to move around the space station or night sky. If you are interested in the interactive option, please let us know at the time of your booking.

Details and Restrictions

  • Capacity: Depends on the size of the projection surface available; 60 interactive clickers are available
  • Grades: PreK-Adult
  • There is a travel fee for locations more than 20 miles from the museum
  • Half- Day: $425 3 hours/up to 5 sessions
  • Full-Day: $525 5 hours/up to 9 sessions
  • Extended-Day: $625 7 hours/up to 13 sessions

Telescope & Stargazing Add-On

Our telescope add-on will give your students an opportunity to explore the universe through another lens, literally. With this add-on, one of our Discovery Dome operators will set-up a telescope after your Discovery Dome shows to explain the mechanisms behind the equipment and guide students through identification techniques. Students will enjoy star gazing or solar spotting outside (weather permitting). Each participant will get a chance to look through the telescope to identify various celestial objects as our operator explains how we are able to study worlds far beyond our own. This program is available for both day and evening programs. The price for the telescope add-on is $175 with a half-day Dome, $200 with a full-day Dome, and $225 with an extended-day Dome.

*The telescope add-on is only available with the booking of a Discovery Dome. It is not available as a standalone program. The telescope add-on can be offered rain or shine, so no refunds are offered for inclement weather. Please note that Discovery Dome shows and telescope operation cannot happen simultaneously unless you book two separate programs. If you are interested in offering Discovery Dome shows and telescope instruction at the same time, we would be happy to provide a quote.

Details and Restrictions

  • Capacity: Maximum of 30 students per presentation
  • Grades: Pre-K – Adult
  • There is a mileage fee for locations more than 20 miles from the Museum.
  • Half Day: $425  3 hours / up to 5 sessions
  • Full Day: $525  5 hours / up to 9 sessions
  • Extended Day: $625  7 hours / up to 13 sessions

Sunshine & Shadows

Discover how to tell time by the sun, how bright sunlight really is, and how to concentrate solar energy. Watch solar cookers, panels, and ovens at work. Then, observe the sun with a projection solar telescope and filters. Measure the height of the sun to understand why we have seasons, and discover how far Earth and the other planets are from the sun as you make a solar system scale model.

This interactive program can take place inside or out and gives your audience an opportunity to learn about the power of the star at the center of our solar system!

Details and Restrictions

  • This program can be offered rain or shine, so no refunds are offered for inclement weather.
  • Capacity: 30 students per session
  • Grades: 3rd-8th
  • There is a travel fee for locations more than 20 miles from the museum
  • Half- Day: $375 3 hours/up to 5 sessions
  • Full-Day: $475 5 hours/up to 9 sessions
  • Extended-Day: $575 7 hours/up to 13 sessions

Pair with other programs in an Outreach Package!
  • Complement your journey to outer space with a presentation of Docents To Go: Astronomy and the all-new Science Start: Space in the Space Exploration package! Continue your study of geology and Earth’s processes with a Chevron Earth Science on Wheels Know Your Rocks program and a Docents To Go: Rocks and Minerals class in the Geology Jam package! After taking a look at the starry night over the Lone Star State, continue your study of Texas with the Traversing Texas package! This includes programs on Texas wildlife, Native Americans, migration patterns, and energy resources (available in Fall 2015). Add on a ConocoPhillips Science On Stage Motion Commotion program and a Chevron Earth Science on Wheels alternative energy program (available Fall 2015) to experience the Technological Wonders package!
Preview Your Discovery Dome Shows!

Watch these short trailers to get a sneak peek of all of the shows available in the portable Discovery Dome.…

HMNS at Hermann Park

5555 Hermann Park Dr.
Houston,Texas 77030
(713) 639-4629

Get Directions Offering varies by location
HMNS at Sugar Land

13016 University Blvd.
Sugar Land, Texas 77479
(281) 313-2277

Get Directions Offering varies by location
George Observatory

21901 FM 762 Rd.
Needville, Texas 77461
(979) 553-3400 / (281) 242-3055

Get Directions Offering varies by location

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