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Docents to Go

$150 per 45-minute presentation - restrictions apply

During a Docents To Go presentation, our expert volunteer docents will visit your organization with real Museum artifacts and specimens! Each 45-minute session is a hands-on, interactive, object-based learning experience.

Choose from a wide variety of topics in science, natural history and culture – custom presentations with a combination of themes may also be created to fit your group’s needs.

Topics Available:

  • Ancient Egypt (Grade 1 – adult)
    From mummies to the pyramids, experience amazing architectural and cultural aspects of Ancient Egypt.
  • Astronomy (Grade 1 – adult)
    Investigate our place in space and ways we study this exciting place full of planets, moons, stars, and galaxies (Booking for late spring 2019).
  • Cultural Africa (Grade 1 – adult) Experience the rich and varied history, geography, peoples, and cultures of Africa, the world’s second-largest continent.
  • Birds (Grade 1 – adult)
    Encounter an amazing variety of birds and discover their fascinating ancestral roots, while learning about their adaptations for success.
  • Energy (Grade 3 – adult)
    Exciting demonstrations explore the remarkable forms of energy we encounter every day.
  • Insects (Grades PK – 3)
    Investigate Earth’s most abundant forms of life and their marvelous characteristics.
  • Native Americans (Grade 1 – adult)
    Discover the inventive and resourceful lifestyles of North America’s earliest human residents.
  • Ocean Life (Grades PK – 5)
    Dive into Earth’s largest ecosystem and examine intriguing examples of diverse ocean life.
  • Paleontology (Grade PK – adult)
    Learn how living organisms are transformed into fossils and discover what fossils reveal about prehistoric life.
  • Rocks and Minerals (Grade 3 – adult)
    Explore the fascinating characteristics of the most important building blocks of Earth’s crust.
  • Texas Wildlife (Grade PK – adult)
    Generate an appreciation for the amazingly varied creatures with which we share our state.
  • Tails & Tales
    Explore the tails behind the tales! Docents from the Houston Museum of Natural Science will talk about real animals from around the world that appear in popular children’s books. From butterflies to dinosaurs, coyotes to whales, elephants to bears, come learn about the animals, then choose a fiction or non-fiction story that features a particular animal. If you’re looking to book this for your library or school group, we will provide a list of suggested books that go along with the presentation, and you are free to choose others from your branch to recommend to patrons!

Details and Restrictions:

  • Capacity: Approximately 40 audience members per presentation
  • Distance: Dependent on presenter availability and time of program
  • There is a mileage fee for locations more than 20 miles from the Museum.
  • Presentations
    Tailored to age level and setting.
  • $150 per 45-minute presentation

Pair with other programs in an Outreach Package!
  • Complement your Astronomy presentation with a journey to outer space in the Discovery Dome and the all-new Science Start: Space in the Space Exploration package! Continue your study of animals with Wildlife On Wheels and Bugs On Wheels programs in the Animal Adaptations package!
  • Rock your geology objectives by complementing your program with Earth’s Wild Ride in the Discovery Dome and a Chevron Earth Science On Wheels Know Your Rocks program in the Geology Jam package!
  • Continue your study of Texas with the Traversing Texas package! This includes programs on Texas wildlife, migration patterns, energy resources, and a look at the starry night sky above the Lone Star State.

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