Google Cultural Institute Collections

Travel through time and experience the wonder of the Museum anytime and anywhere! HMNS and some of the most loved natural history institutions in the world have partnered with Google to bring you a unique virtual experience. This new online exhibition is available on and allows people to come face to face with Jurassic Giants and browse through the most spectacular collection of natural history available in one place!

The new collection uses state of the art technology to give a new virtual life to extinct animals and tell fascinating stories about our planet’s evolution over billions of years. Viewers come face-to-face with Jurassic Giants in 360 degree videos, giving a better sense of how these animals lived, and what it might have felt like to be in their presence. Start exploring!

Land That Time Forgot

The Morian Hall of Paleontology

Life and Death in Ancient Egypt

Hall of Ancient Egypt

Insect Zoo and Museum

Brown Hall of Entomology and Cockrell Butterfly Center

The First Americans

John P. McGovern Hall of The Americas

Nature's Inorganic Creations

Cullen Hall of Gems and Minerals

Bugs of the Sea

Strake Hall of Malacology

Unique Attractions at the Houston Museum of Natural Science

Astronomy, Foucault Pendulum and more...


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