Conservation Quest ®

This is a closed, past exhibit; it is not available for viewing.

Go Green! Learn about energy – what it is, where it comes from, how we use it and why it’s important to use it wisely. Conservation Quest ® delivers important energy conservation messages, inspiring visitors to make thoughtful choices about energy use to help protect the planet and promote healthy living.Visitors will learn about clean energy, light bulbs, recycling and more.

  • In the “Bright Ideas” section visitors turn a crank to compare the amount of energy required to light up an incandescent light bulb, a CFL and an LED. Learn about which is more efficient, the cost of using each bulb, how long they last, disposal and conservation tips.
  • “How Do You Stack Up?” asks visitors to think about the amount of electricity various appliances use and determine how much electricity their family uses each day. They can play again and again, changing simple things to use less electricity.
  • “Solar Energy” explores how solar panels change sunlight-a renewable energy source – into electricity to turn on different electronics.

Conservation Quest ® was organized by the Stepping Stones Museum for Children and is an extension of Healthy Children, Healthy Communities®.

This exhibition was made possible by The Bauer Foundation, UnitedHealthcare, State of Connecticut, The Foster Family Fund, Herb and Anne Gullquist and People's United Community Foundation.

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