Crime Lab Detective

This is a closed, past exhibit; it is not available for viewing.

In Crime Lab Detective, it’s up to you to solve the Johnson Family Mystery! In this new special exhibition, visitors are the lead detectives and are challenged to examine various clues, such as cloth fiber on a picket fence and tire marks, to help solve the crime.

The Crime
The Johnsons have been away on a week-long vacation to Hawaii. One of their neighbors noticed a broken window one morning and decided to investigate. Things had been removed – a burglary has occurred at the Johnsons’ house!

It’s Up To You!
Visitors will have to use scientific reasoning skills such as observation, classification, and analysis while evaluating evidence, making inferences, problem solving, and finally drawing conclusions. Whether working independently or as part of a team, the accompanying Detective Notebook will help guide guests through the process.

Inside The Exhibit
Forensic science concepts such as the study of fingerprints, chromatographs, DNA, insect lifecycles, tire marks, hair analysis, thread comparison, and handwriting analysis are all covered in their pursuit of the culprit.


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