State of Water: Our Most Valuable Resource

This is a closed, past exhibit; it is not available for viewing.
West Bull Nose shows one exit of Chicago’s Deep Tunnel. The system includes 109 miles of tunnels designed to divert sewage from Lake Michigan and protect the city from floods.

© Brad Temkin

Those of us with access to water can rely on the simplicity of turning a knob or pushing a button for a clean, cool and constant supply whenever we desire. But how does our most valuable resource travel from tunnel to tap? What is its journey?

State of Water: Our Most Valuable Resource, showcases the designs and architecture behind the water systems we use every day. The exhibition will feature 31 photographs from award-winning photographer Brad Temkin’s book The State of Water, published by Radius Books. A native Chicagoan with a passion for capturing overlooked and unknown places, Temkin’s work is also an important tool for conservationists.

Encounter striking images, such as West Bull Nose, which depicts the exit of the Deep Tunnel in Chicago. The photo invites viewers to stare down a portion of the 109 miles of tunnel, the enormity of the infrastructure is not lost, leaving viewers to witness the massive system that prevents flooding in the streets.

Included with admission to the permanent exhibit halls.

This exhibition was created by Brad Temkin and the Field Museum. State of Water: Our Most Valuable Resource is supported by the Phillip and Edith Leonian Foundation.

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