Sweet – A Tasty Journey

This is a closed, past exhibit; it is not available for viewing.

See Sweet and get a treat!

On Fridays, come explore the world of candy in our new special exhibition Sweet and the first twenty-five guests get a treat!

Unwrap a world of flavorful fun in an interactive and magical setting! Explore the world of all that’s sweet as you learn about candy ingredients from a ‘farm to fork’ perspective. Get the stories behind the label, go on an educational journey into the nuts and bolts of the candy and chocolate-making process and read the fascinating stories of famous candy makers and chocolatiers. Or think about candy in a new way as you learn the role it plays in celebrations and special occasions around the world. From artistic graphics, to the Rock Candy Mountain, to video and audio displays, this exhibit holds the perfect blend of education techniques…..plus all out fun!

Locally Sponsored by Visit Sugar Land Convention & Visitors Services.

Sweet - A Tasty Journey was created by Stage Nine Design.


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