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Physalia physalis (bluebottle) taken as an over/under image in Bushrangers Bay, NSW Australia. After strong NE winds hundreds of these Zooids are blown into the bays around Shellharbour NSW and trapped overnight. Lighting is difficult as all kinds of other debris also gets pushed into the bay affecting visibility. What I really love about over/under photographs is that it gives the underwater element a sense of place. For the viewer it marries the underwater environment with our own familiar world. It links the unknown with the known. I shot the image with my nikon D300s & Nikon 10.5mm Fisheye lens housed in an Aquatica waterproof housing with an 8″ acrylic lens dome. Exposed at 1/15sec @ F13 iso 250. The bluebottle was lit with an Inon Z220 underwater strobe and fibre optic snoots. Post processing is limited to colour temp, minor cleaning and small amounts of dodging and burning. Also slightly cropped.