King Tut’s Tomb Discovery Experience

Now Open | Ticket Includes Permanent Exhibitions

The Houston Museum of Natural Science is proud to present an awe-inspiring event that will transport visitors back to 1922 as they explore the world premier exhibition, King Tut’s Tomb Discovery Experience. Travel to Egypt’s fabled Valley of the Kings to accompany famed Egyptologist Howard Carter as he gazes into King Tut’s Tomb for the very first time.

Experience the dark and winding tunnels that led to Tutankhamen’s burial chambers, explore the countless golden treasures he took with him into the afterworld, and explore the brightly colored, floor-to-ceiling hieroglyphs that detail his life and offer prayers to the gods to ensure a blessed life after death.

Surrounded by elements of the recent–and ancient–past, visitors will bask in the glories of King Tut’s Tomb and walk in the footsteps of Howard Carter when he gets his first glimpse of “Wonderful things!”

Join Carter in a miraculous discovery that quite literally brought Tutankhamen back to life for the entire world to see. Celebrate his life, witness his death, and contemplate the certainty of the ancient Egyptian afterlife when you visit King Tut’s Tomb Discovery Experience at the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

Please note that this exhibit includes a forced perspective hallway to create the illusion of descending into the tomb. This hallway is fully accessible according to ADA guidelines. Lighting throughout the exhibit is dim in keeping with the theatrical atmosphere of the tomb.

King Tut’s Tomb Discovery Experience is generously supported by Woodforest National Bank, the John P. McGovern Foundation, the Harriet and Truett Latimer Endowment Fund, and HMW Entertainment.

Please help us to preserve our collections for the next generation by not using flash when taking personal pictures at HMNS and at HMNS Sugar Land. Exposure to strong lights over time causes fading and deterioration of most artifacts and specimens.

Flash photography is ONLY allowed in the Grand Hall and the rainforest of the Cockrell Butterfly Center.

Selfie sticks are not allowed anywhere in HMNS, HMNS Sugar Land and the George Observatory.

For press and any commercial photo shoots, please contact the Public Relations dept.


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