Ramses the Great and the Gold of the Pharaohs

Now open through May 23, 2022.
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Discover 181 Priceless Egyptian Artifacts in this World Premiere Exhibition!

Transport back 3,200 years, across the sands of the Sahara Desert where you reach the heartbeat of Ancient Egypt ruled by the most celebrated builder in the country’s storied history. Experience one of the greatest collections of its kind in the world premiere exhibition, Ramses the Great and the Gold of the Pharaohs!

This all-new multisensory museum experience provides guests with a window into the life and accomplishments of Ramses II, more commonly known as Ramses the Great. You will come face-to-face with 181 priceless artifacts including Egyptian treasures and one-of-a-kind relics, many representing the exceptional pharaoh himself. On this immersive journey you’ll uncover a stunningly preserved collection of artifacts, including sarcophagi, animal mummies, magnificent jewelry, spectacular royal masks, exquisite amulets, and ornate golden treasures of the tomb, showcasing the superb workmanship of Egyptian artists.

To Speak the Name of the Dead is to Make Him Live Again.

An audio guide will be available in both English and Spanish.

Presented by World Heritage Exhibitions and Cityneon, this world premiere exhibition is now open in its limited run at the Houston Museum of Natural Science through May 23, 2022, before embarking on a multi-country, world-wide tour.


Ramses & Nefertari: Journey to Osiris, an immersive VR experience
The exhibition will feature “Ramses & Nefertari: Journey to Osiris,” an immersive VR experience that takes you on a whirlwind tour of two of Ramses’ most impressive monuments, Abu Simbel and Nefertari’s Tomb. The experience is led by the ghostly incarnation of Ramses’ illustrious wife, Nefertari, as she attempts to make it back to the afterlife and her loving husband. Along the way, Nefertari will share how Ramses transformed Egypt as a general, architect, and custodian of the ancient Egyptian religion. With cinematic motion chairs, viewers will fly through temples, sandstorms, and even come face-to-face with Ramses’ mummy in this electrifying animated journey. Both educational and exhilarating, this experience will give users an up-close look into the life, achievements, and stunning monuments of Ramses the Great.

Special Exhibit VR Experience
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