Rock n’ Roar Summer at HMNS Hermann Park


HMNS has adopted a juvenile T.rex but we need your help to name it!
Vote for your choice of name – Clawdia, Roary, or Fluffy – by making a donation to HMNS. Vote Here!!!Every dollar you donate equals a vote for your favorite name. The name with the most votes will win!

All donations go to supporting the Museum’s mission of science education.

Walk among the greatest in our Morian Hall of Paleontology

Say hi to the Stegosaurus every time you visit – members get to see dinosaurs (and all our other permanent exhibitions) for free for a whole year! Celebrate 10 years of dinosaurs with 15% off memberships. Use discount code ROAR15 at checkout 

Wortham Giant Screen Theatre & Burke Baker Planetarium featured films
The exclusive Giant Screen film “Everest” will allow you to travel to the highest point on the planet from the comfort of your seat. Blast off to explore planetary science in a full dome experience in “Dynamic Earth” in the Burke Baker Planetarium.

Dinosaurs of Antarctica 2D

Dinosaurs of Antarctica tells the story of a changing environment at the bottom of the world where dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures once roamed freely in a lush landscape. As the climate changes again today, melting Antarctic ice is allowing discovery of the continent’s history-including the fossils of new dinosaurs.

Death of the Dinosaurs

What killed the dinosaurs? See how these giants lived and survived on the earth millions of years ago and even watch the cataclysmic event that lead to their ultimate extinction. Featuring animations, on-site locations of dinosaur fossil discoveries, and even HMNS’ world-class Hall of Paleontology, you’ll feel like you are right there with them from beginning to end!

No anniversary is complete without a present. Stop by the Museum Store on your way in or out, and pick up the ultimate souvenirs- your very own Wyrex and Dipsy, the co-stars of Big Adventures with Dino Dave!

HMNS at Hermann Park

5555 Hermann Park Dr.
Houston,Texas 77030
(713) 639-4629

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HMNS at Sugar Land

13016 University Blvd.
Sugar Land, Texas 77479
(281) 313-2277

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George Observatory

21901 FM 762 Rd.
Needville, Texas 77461
(979) 553-3400 / (281) 242-3055

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