Tut Events and Programs

King Tut’s Tomb Discovery Experience Discounts for HMNS Educator Members

  • Educator Members booking a Field Trip to Tut exhibit receive $1 off each Tut ticket included on the reservation.
  • Educator Members booking the Early Investigation Program, “Ancient Egypt: Build a Pyramid” receive $1 off each ticket
  • Educator Members booking a Lab on Demand, “Egypt 101” or “Egyptian Mummification” will receive a $25 discount on each Lab
  • Educator Members who have booked a Field Trip to the Tut exhibit qualify for a $25 discount on our Docents to Go Outreach Program, “Ancient Egypt”

Field Trip Packages

For educators interested in bringing their students to the Museum, our Field Trip Packages will help you plan your day. Click here for more information.

To make a reservation click here.

Tut Tours

Interested in taking a tour with one of our experts? Check back to reserve your ticket for January 31st and February 28th!


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