Families and Kids

Fun for the entire family, and with a facility to match! Our exhibits are designed to be enjoyed by all ages alike. Not sure where to begin? Below are some recommendations based on our own experience with families who frequent our museum.

Ages 5 & under

Throw away everything you think you know about museums in the Cabinet of Curiosities—a collection of spectacular marvels from the natural world. In the Cabinet of Curiosities, guests are encouraged to touch, examine and interact with the oddities on display. Younger kids love the tactile nature of exploration (and opening the hundreds of drawers filled with wonders)!

Ages 6-12

Dynamically posed and coupled with art that helps you imagine the creatures beyond the bones, the dinosaurs in the Morian Hall of Paleontology can inspire everyone with the marvels of natural science! In our fossil prep lab, guests can see science in action as real paleontology volunteers unearth bones from fossil jackets and clean specimens for research and display. Curious kids can even ask the paleontologists real-time questions about dinosaurs, their fossil prep work and the specimens in our halls.

Experience Earth’s rotation at the Herzstein Foucalt Pendulum. A resident crowd favorite at the museum, this 60-foot-tall physics display hypnotizes and educates onlookers traveling throughout the museum. Still a little curious on how it all works, check out the history and design behind the exhibition!

Many kids love the bright lights and interactive games and activities in the Wiess Energy Hall. Fans of music can dance and sing along to the catchy tunes from the Energy Jukebox, exploring topics from renewable energy to nuclear fission. With exhibits exploring the history and development of traditional energy sources as well as deep dives into the future of renewable resources, Wiess is the most comprehensive exhibit space on the topic of energy in the world. Parents and kids alike can learn about what powers our world!

Ages 12 & up

Journey down the Nile and back in time in our Hall of Ancient Egypt. This one might be a bit dark for the younger kids, but young fans of history and culture will love learning about one of the ancient world’s most advanced civilizations. Our collection is one of the largest in the South and even features three complete human mummies. 

What ever your little ones’ interests may be, there’s an exhibit at the Houston Museum of Natural Science that’s sure to engage, delight and inspire the future scientists in your family. Be sure to check out our family memberships for free admission to the permanent exhibit halls all year long and discounts to special exhibits, science summer camps, educational workshops and much more. 


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