Burke Baker Planetarium

Friedkin Theatre | The Radoff Dome
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Pictures from the cosmos at the Houston Museum of Natural Science Planetarium

Please arrive at least 15 min before showtime. Late entry is not allowed.

Opened in 1964, the Burke Baker Planetarium has presented astronomical programs to millions of visitors from school groups to the general public. The newly upgraded planetarium now features Digistar 6, the world’s leading digital planetarium software and projection system. The Digistar 6 system enables our visitors to fly through the universe, experience the vastness of space, roam planetary surfaces, navigate asteroid fields, and watch the latest fulldome shows. Along with our ability to create unique experiences for the planetarium, we have access to a global cloud library of content and shows we can present. The Digistar Cloud library allows us to keep presentations filled with the latest discoveries. You’ll discover something new every time you visit!

Take a Seat

As part of our celebrations honoring the 50th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing, the Houston Museum of Natural Science is offering naming opportunities for our new Burke Baker Planetarium seats! Click here to learn more.

Celebrating Apollo 11 at the Burke Baker Planetarium

On your way to your planetarium show, you’ll notice one of our newest installations, a recreation of the Sea of Tranquility, where the astronauts of Apollo 11 landed in July 1969. Stand with the U.S. flag staked on the Moon, and see the footprints left Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and other Apollo 11 astronauts on the Moon’s dirt. The Burke Baker Planetarium also boasts various Moon rocks and space suits, so you learn on the way to your show.

Apollo & Beyond: Conquering Gravity

  The 24 Apollo astronauts who reached lunar orbit are the only humans to escape the bonds of Earth’s gravitational…

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Unseen Universe

NEW FEATURE We are creatures of sight, always trying to see farther and in greater detail -- exploring the distant…

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Mystery of the Christmas Star

Journey back over 2000 years to Bethlehem as we seek to discover a scientific explanation for the star the wise…

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Black Holes

The immensity and power of black holes inspire wonder and curiosity. As we consider these stellar enigmas, the very nature…

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Starry Night Express

With both live and pre-recorded sections, this show is perfect for stargazers of all ages! First, the planetarium operator tours…

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Dark Side of the Moon

Pink Floyd's legendary album returns, enhanced by all of the capacities of the Museum’s high-definition, full-dome video system. Fantastic sound…

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Passport to the Universe

Explore the wonders of our universe! Narrator Tom Hanks guides a flight through the universe and deep into galactic space.…

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Expedition Reef

    Plunge into the bustling, biodiverse communities hidden within coral reef ecosystems around the world to discover how corals live, breathe,…

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