Scouts Virtual Summer Classes

HMNS Virtual Summer Scout Classes have been specifically designed for a virtual format, virtual classes will provide hands-on educational engagement that will cover most, if not all, of the requirements for each badge or adventure we offer.

Virtual Summer Scout classes provide:

  • 2-4 hours of educational engagement for your scout per session depending on their rank
  • Live interaction with one of our skilled educators
  • Smaller class sizes to support individualized instruction
  • Opportunities to complete requirements for Scouts BSA Merit Badges
  • Self-guided learning opportunities for scouts, though parents are always welcome to participate
  • A Merit Badge counselors to sign-off on requirements once completed workbooks have been sent to and reviewed.

A selection of classes for Scouts BSA include Citizenship in the Community, Nation and World, Family Life, Personal Management, Soil & Water Conservation, and Mining in Society. An HMNS Educator will be on a virtual web call with the class to interact with scouts, lead them in activities and answer questions. We’ll also have a moderator for each class to manage the logistics of the class and to offer tech support if needed. A Merit Badge counselor will sign-off on completed requirements, and scouts will be sent a scanned merit badge card. mailed their Blue Card.

Each session takes place for 2-4 hours depending on your scout’s rank and the requirements of the topic. 
Classes are delivered via Zoom, and facilitated by one museum educator and one moderator. You will receive an email introducing you to the instructor and delivering additional information at least 48 hours prior to the start date for each scouts class booked.

Class Supplies
You will receive a copy of your workbook prior to the class. If any prerequisites are required for Merit Badges, you will also receive a prerequisite workbook to complete either before or after your virtual scout’s class.

Scouts Love Virtual Classes
Here are what families have been saying about HMNS Virtual Scout Programs:
“The program was great, and my Scout loved the activities while learning. Very convenient to have a virtual option for those of us that live further from the museum even in years with no social distance restrictions.”
“Great job! My daughter loved making the balloon car and pinwheel. She is still making pinwheels!!”
“My daughter enjoyed it so much! Hands on learning is so important to us because she is dyslexic. Virtual is so convenient!”
“Good job! Thank you for doing virtual this year.”
100% of surveyed parents surveyed said they would register for HMNS Virtual Scouts Programs again—sign up for your class today!

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