Alfred C. Glassell, Jr. Hall

Permanent Collection

Houston businessman Alfred C. Glassell, Jr. was a well-known philanthropist, but many never knew of his devotion to large species of game fish – not only sport but also for research and conservation. This exhibit highlights Tumbesian fish species, including the world-record black marlin caught by Glassell in 1953 that tipped the scales at 1,560 pounds. Footage of the catch was used in the 1958 film The Old Man and the Sea, starring Spencer Tracy. The exhibit includes over 40 specimens of game fish representing over a dozen species found off the coast of Cabo Blanco, Peru, where Glassell landed the big marlin.

Media interactives also complement the hall. This large space, intended for museum visitors to gather, frequently has surprises in store. For example, through augmented reality you may be greeted by a polar bear or tyrannosaur!

Curator: Daniel M. Brooks, Ph.D.

Birds, mammals, herps and fish – Dr. Brooks oversees the museum’s vertebrate zoology collection of over 5,000 specimens. The majority represents the Texas coastal bend region but also includes Africa, Latin America, threatened and endangered species, and select taxonomic groups. Dr. Brooks is dedicated to encouraging and facilitating the use….

Please help us to preserve our collections for the next generation by not using flash when taking personal pictures at HMNS and at HMNS Sugar Land. Exposure to strong lights over time causes fading and deterioration of most artifacts and specimens.

Flash photography is ONLY allowed in the Grand Hall and the rainforest of the Cockrell Butterfly Center.

Selfie sticks are not allowed anywhere in HMNS, HMNS Sugar Land and the George Observatory.

For press and any commercial photo shoots, please contact the Public Relations dept.


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