The Cockrell Butterfly Center and Wortham Giant Screen Theatre are closed for renovations.

Farish Hall of Texas Wildlife

Permanent Collection

The Farish Hall of Texas Wildlife, located on the 2nd floor, showcases the remarkably diverse biomes of our beloved Lone Star State: Piney Woods, Oak Motte, Coastal Prairie and Wetland South Texas Dry Forest, Guadalupe Mountains, and High Plains.

The unique scenes progressively change from dawn to dusk with lighting and soundscapes specific to the time of day.

Over 425 specimens representing approximately 250 species show our native wildlife prior to extensive human colonization. Emphasis is placed on rare, endangered and extinct species with more than 50 species classified under some level of threat. Several species that have recovered from near extinction are celebrated for their now stable populations.

Visitors can enjoy the adjacent Hamman Hall of Texas Coastal Ecology.

The Houston Museum of Natural Science has had Texas wildlife displays since the early days when the museum was located across the street at the zoo. In 2014 several of the vintage murals were renovated and relocated. Today these antique displays can be viewed in the Albert and Margaret Alkek Education Center on the lower-level of the museum.

Curator: Daniel M. Brooks, Ph.D.

Dr. Dan Brooks joined the Museum staff full-time in 1999. Education Current Service Credentials / Honors Current Research Projects / Interests Lab Associates Students Publications What collections you are responsible for? Why did you decide to work in a Museum? What is your favorite specimen, and why? Is it on….

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Please help us to preserve our collections for the next generation by not using flash when taking personal pictures at HMNS and at HMNS Sugar Land. Exposure to strong lights over time causes fading and deterioration of most artifacts and specimens.

Flash photography is ONLY allowed in the Grand Hall and the rainforest of the Cockrell Butterfly Center.

Selfie sticks are not allowed anywhere in HMNS, HMNS Sugar Land and the George Observatory.

For press and any commercial photo shoots, please contact the Public Relations dept.

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