A Key to Our Film Guide

Below is a pictorial description of the sub-genre of each documentary film we show. Each icon has a short description so that you can make your film choice based on the type of subject covered.


Science & Technology: explores scientific and technological accomplishments designed to spark scientific inquiry and creativity.


Conservation: contributes to an awareness of timely and relevant environmental or conservation challenges facing the natural world.


Science & Nature: incorporates science and scientific discovery into an understanding of the natural world.


Earth Sciences: contributes to an appreciation and understanding of the geosciences, including rocks, gems, minerals, fossils and landforms.


Wildlife: explores animal behavior and/or tells the story of a unique habitat or ecosystem.


People & Nature: explores the relationship between humans and animals or the environment.


History & Culture: contributes to an appreciation and understanding of the different cultures of the world, including how world events have shaped our past and influence our future.


Just for Fun: animated adventures entertaining kids of all ages while encouraging their imagination and inspiring their thirst for knowledge.


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