Venue: Giant Screen

Dinosaur Discoveries

Houston Museum of Natural Science Holotheater : Dinosaur Discoveries: A Holographic Adventure

Before Dinosaur Discoveries gets released to the world, see it today at the Houston Museum of Natural Science in its World Premiere Special Preview!

Sharks 3D

Dive into the Extraordinary World of Sharks with Jean-Michel Cousteau, Witnessing their True Nature and Discovering the Urgent Need for Conservation

Sea Lions 3D

Discover the Intimate Lives and Inspiring Resilience of Australia’s Extraordinary Sea Lion Colony, and the Dedicated Guardians Working to Protect Their Future

Great Barrier Reef

Unveiling the Intricate Drama and Breathtaking Biodiversity of the World’s Natural Wonder, Discover the Heroes, Villains, and Protectors of this Thriving Underwater Metropolis

Dinosaurs of Antarctica

Uncover the Enigmatic Dinosaurs and Creatures of Antarctica, and Witness the Extraordinary Efforts of Scientists as They Decode the Mysteries of the Ice