Challenger Learning Center George Observatory

An interactive, space flight simulation and learning experience!


A visit to the BP America Expedition Center is a learning experience that engages students, transforming them into scientists, engineers or researchers on a simulated space mission. It expands a classroom to distant planets; it turns learning into inspiration and students into explorers.

Wonders of space exploration fuel the imagination

BP America Expedition Center programs at the George Observatory utilize the wonders of space exploration to fuel the imagination and bring a unique hands-on learning experience to every student. Divided into teams, students perform tasks that include navigation, medical testing, data relay, life support, probe assembly, and robot operation.

From the operations deck of the Spacecraft to the consoles at Mission Control, students discover that teamwork, communications and problem solving are essential. The BP America Expedition Center experience begins with classroom training activities and addresses TEKS science objectives.

To make reservations for a BP America Expedition Center program at the George Observatory, call (713) 639-4708 and choose the option for school or group sales.

Expeditions at the George Observatory

Expeditions can be scheduled to begin at any time from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m., Monday - Saturday.

For information call: (281) 242-3055 or (979) 553-3400.
To schedule a weekday expedition, call (713) 639-4708.
To schedule a Saturday expedition, call (281) 242-3055.

Full Expedition
In this two hour adventure, students spend half of their time as astronauts aboard the spacecraft and the other half at the consoles in Mission Control. All students are astronauts and mission controllers.
Fee*: $280/mission
Max: 40 students/expedition
Ages: Grades 5-12 (GFM/GCC) or ages 10-90!

George Full Crew Manifest

SS Observer Mini Expedition
Fee*: $160/expedition
Max:  20 students/expedition
Ages: Grades 5-12 (GFM/GCC) or ages 10-90!

George Mini Crew Manifest

Junior Expedition
This unique hour and a half program gives children in grades 2-4 the opportunity to fly into space. Eight participating adults must accompany the children. An adult will be trained to help each team with their space flight. All students will spend approximately 30 minutes in the spacecraft and 30 minutes in mission control.
Fee*:  $185/expedition
Max: 20 students/expedition
Ages: Grades 2-4 (GJM/GCC) or ages 8-9!

George Junior Crew Manifest

Note:  We have found that the expedition experience can be too intense for children under the age of 7.

MegaExpeditions at the George Observatory

These special programs are only available at the George Observatory.

In a MegaExpedition, teachers can combine a Expedition Expedition with specific content classes to maximize the field trip experience. The MegaExpedition will include an astronomy class, a tour of the observatory, and a view of the Sun through our solar telescope, weather permitting.

Find the MegaExpedition that’s Right For You!

Mega-Full Expedition
This three hour adventure includes one Full Mission, a day class of your choice, and a tour of the observatory.
Fee: $400
Max: 40 students/expedition
Grades: 5-12

Mega-Mini Expedition
This two hour mission includes one Mini Expedition, a day class of your choice, and a tour of the observatory.
Fee: $280
Max: 20 students/expedition
Grades: 5-12

Mega-Junior Expedition
This two hour program includes one Junior Expedition, a day class of your choice, and a tour of the observatory.
Fee: $305
Max: 20 students/expedition
Grades: 2-4

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