On Friday, April 3, & Saturday, April 4, HMNS - Hermann Park will be open from 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. On Sunday, April 5, HMNS - Hermann Park will be open from 11:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Testimonials from Party Smarty Guests


Jack had a blast! This was our first birthday at the museum. Our favorite part of the party was digging for bones. It seemed that all the kids were really into the tour and they were listening. I don't think that Jack had a least favorite part of the party and the party coordinator was very informative. The booking process was super easy with the management staff and I would recommend the museum to another person for parties. Thank you again for making my little mans 4th party so great!  
Allison about Jack’s birthday party in April, 2013 @ HMNS Hermann Park

Myles' birthday party was awesome; we had a really great time. The booking process was very easy, the Assistant Manager and I sent a few emails and one phone conversation and everything was done. I really appreciated the reminder email that was sent a few days prior to the party going over the details. It was our first museum party and was recommended by a colleague who took her daughter to a party at your facility recently. Our coordinator was super great and kept everything on schedule, she met me in the parking lot with a cart. I did not even have to go inside and locate her, excellent service. My favorite part of the party was that it required minimal effort on my part; I was able to sit back and enjoy. My least favorite was...can't think of anything. Overall, it was an easy and really great party. Thank you all for your help. 
Meshel about Myles’ birthday party in April, 2013 @ HMNS Sugar Land

This was our first party at the museum. We enjoyed it a lot. It was probably the best one we've had for our kids. Our son has been telling us for months he wanted a dinosaur party so my husband decided to look at the museum website to see about parties and saw that you in fact do hold parties there. Our favorite part of the party was that the kids were able to color pictures and decorate a card for Max and a dinosaur dig for dinosaur teeth for a necklace, and we didn't feel rushed at all. My husband and I were very impressed with the party and will be booking another party there in the future. The booking process was very easy and I appreciate your management staff making it as pleasant as possible. I would most certainly recommend your birthday parties to my family and friends. My husband and I very much appreciate your management staff and your party coordinator's hard work in making this a great and memorable party for our son, Maximus.  
By Jennifer about Maximus’ birthday party in March, 2013 @ HMNS Hermann Park

I cannot say enough good things about our experience at our party! The coordinator was amazing! She was able to focus and command the attention of 20 6/7's year olds. My husband and I were truly blown away with how wonderful she was to work with. This was our first experience with a birthday party at the museum and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We have been members at the museum for a couple years and my son did camp last summer. We have really been pleased with every experience.
Rebecca about William’s birthday party in March, 2013 @ HMNS Hermann Park

I would like to say thank you for the AWESOME PARTY!!!! Leo and all of his guests truly enjoyed the party! Your team was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!! They were very helpful, and made this Leo's best party, yet! From the moment we arrived to the time we left the party room, they were on key with all of our needs. They were GREAT party hosts and interacted GREAT with all of the children! I will definitely recommend my friends and family to have their parties at HMNS!!!! Keep up the great work! Your team knows how to make the parties great for everyone to enjoy! Thank you, again, for everything! :)
Renee about Leo’s birthday party in February, 2013 @ HMNS Herman Park

We had a great party thanks in large part to the excellent assistance of your coordinators. The room was colorful and I loved the balloon bouquets. During the party, the coordinators served food and cake, gave clear instructions about the craft and butterfly tour, ensured everyone got the favors, and helped us pile everything back in our car. They were enthusiastic and added to the happy tone of the party. I would highly recommend the HMNS for a party! The booking process was easy and the favor bags were also a great offer.  
Nancy about Vivian’s birthday party in February, 2013 @ HMNS Hermann Park 

We had a fantastic time! I really enjoyed both the Dinosaur tour and Science on Stage. The Dinosaur tour the coordinator did was fantastic because her curriculum was really fun and kept the kids (and adults) engaged and interested! It changed the way I will explain things to my son in the future. We did not have a least favorite part. The coordinator did a phenomenal job of commanding the kids attention and keeping the flow of the party from activity to activity on pace. The coordinator met me at the entrance and had a cart ready for me to bring my items from the car to the party and back again. When we got back from the Science on Stage presentation all of Philip's gifts and the food, leftover cake, etc. were already loaded onto the cart and ready to be wheeled to my vehicle which was very nice and convenient! All of the kids liked it enjoyed the Science on Stage presentation. The booking process was very easy. Overall Fantastic party!
Erica about Philip’s birthday party in February, 2013 @ HMNS Hermann Park

We had such a great experience! The classroom was so cute. I love the decorations. The coordinators were very prompt on arriving to meet us in the parking garage. They were polite and welcoming. We had a few guests running behind due to weather so they let us wait about ten minutes for them before we started the tour. The coordinators were very knowledgeable and interactive with the children. They had lots of smiles and giggles. All in all it was a great party. Our guests had never been to a party at HMNS and loved every bit of it!! Our party rocked!  
Karen about Shelby & Maddix’s birthday party in February, 2013 @ HMNS Hermann Park 

I thought the party was a big success! I have had parties at children's museums, bounce houses, Chuck E Cheese, gymnastics and this was my favorite! The party room was decorated cheerfully and set up was easy. I would definitely recommend a museum party and may even do a dinosaur or planetarium party in the next year or two. I would also like to add that the Assistant Manager was awesome and very responsive to my needs while preparing for the party.
Mildred about Scarlett’s birthday party in January, 2013 @ HMNS Hermann Park

Hi! It was our first party at the museum. We went to one earlier this year and thought it was so fun. The planning process was great and we loved the party. Thanks!
Lauren about Ryan’s birthday party in January, 2013 @HMNS Hermann Park

This was my first time planning a party at the museum. I found out about it while I was researching party venues on the internet. I think the general thought from most of the parents at the party was that they enjoyed the tour the most, but that the overall experience was just excellent. The Assistant Manager was so helpful and really made the booking process very easy. And when we got to the garage and I called the Assistant Manager, it only took the coordinator a few minutes to find us in the garage. I have to say that I was quite impressed with the way it worked out. I really thought that it would take awhile, but it didn’t! I would certainly recommend the museum party to other parents. As a matter of fact, most every parent who attended the party stated that it was a great idea. Great job!
Kim about Sophia’s birthday party in January, 2013 @ HMNS Hermann Park

We all enjoyed Eva’s party. Booking was very easy and fast. The coordinator did a wonderful job keeping 20 three year old kids entertained and they actually learned. The parents had many positive comments regarding the party; they thought it was a really cool venue. I have older kids and many years ago we celebrated my older daughter’s birthday. I think the organization and the party experience was much better this time! I loved the fact that we were the first party of the day so the museum was almost empty and we felt like we had the museum all for ourselves. I really can’t think of anything that needs to be improved. I am certainly going to recommend the museum to friends.
Donna about Eva’s birthday party in January, 2013 @ HMNS Hermann Park

The Butterfly Center tour was most everyone’s favorite part, my favorite part is for everyone to have a great time and I don’t have to do cleanup. I do not have a least favorite part. The Assistant Manager was a wonderful help and was responsive and efficient. I truly appreciate all the Assistant Manager did!
By Lap about Lillian’s birthday party in January, 2013 @ HMNS Hermann Park


Thank you so much!!! I am absolutely thrilled with the birthday experience. It was more than I was expecting. This was my first experience as host. I've been at birthday parties at the museum twice before this one but as a host it is a different thing. The coordinator was extraordinary!!! She took care of everything since the moment we arrived at the parking lot. She took care of the girls, and she was very sweet all the time. She ran the whole birthday so well and organized. I am very, very pleased. I don't have a least favorite part of the party because as the party started it ran smooth and everyone enjoyed a lot; first with the crafts, which the girls loved and then the butterfly center (which really was the pick of the party). When the party was over, all the parents told me how great the party was and how much fun they had.

I would recommend the birthday parties to my friends and family. The booking process and communication was really good between the management staff and me and also with the Gift Shop Manager who was in charge of the party favors. We never had confusion with the instructions. Thank you again! I am still very happy with how well and beautiful everything was. We stayed in the museum until they closed and when we were heading home my daughter said... Thank you mommy! To me that was the cherry on the top!

By Mariangie about Sarah’s birthday party in December, 2012 @ HMNS Hermann Park


Our experience with the birthday party was fantastic! I had no idea there would be so many staff members there to help us set up when we arrived. You guys made everything really easy. And the party itself was such a success! The kids loved the ladybug release, the butterfly center, the insect hall and the bug show! It was really a unique and fun birthday party experience compared to the numerous other kids' birthday parties we've been to in the last year for all of my daughter's classmates. Leila loved the party.

Booking the party was extremely easy, and the management was so helpful. I found out you do parties by doing some serious web searching. I was specifically looking for something involving ladybugs, so I focused on nature-related venues.

Thank you for all your help! I'm not sure how I'm going to top this one next year.
Patti about Leila’s birthday party in May, 2012 @ HMNS Hermann Park

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