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Testimonials from Party Smarty Guests

The party was absolutely fantastic. I was blown away with the level of service, the ease of set up/tear down and the quality of help facilitating and executing from booking, to sending party go-ers off with stickers to stay in the museum. I really don't think y'all could have done a better job. My husband can't stop talking about how great the party was- and if you impressed the Dad who never notices or understands that kind of know you're knocking it out of the park!
Sarah on Maggie’s party in August, 2015 @HMNS

Everything was great, it was the best party my son has had yet and all the guests had a fantastic time.
Ashley on Holden’s party in August, 2015 @ HMNS

Favorite part was working with the party coordinator. She was amazing! She was very helpful and supportive. She was positive and always willing to help in any way. She did a great job keeping a room full of 3 year olds interested in the tour. I also liked that guests could explore the museum after the party.
Antoinette on Reid’s party in August, 2015 @ HMNS

My son had the best time! Our guests cannot stop raving about how awesome it all was and they can’t wait to visit the hall of paleontology again!
Amanda on Braydens party in August, 2015 @ HMNS Main

We had a wonderful time at the party. Everything went smoothly, and we loved our party coordinators. They made everything stress free. Beautiful job! I would highly recommend this to everyone I know. Thanks a million! 
Elsa about Athena's party in August 2015 @ HMNS 

I had to take a moment to tell you all what an awesome party we had on Saturday – it was absolutely perfect which was mainly because of the amazing service of the staff! Both the party team and museum staff went above and beyond what we ever expected for just having a birthday party - their attention to every detail was so appreciated and such a great help to me! Without a doubt, we will definitely be having another birthday party at the Sugar Land HMNS!
Farrah about Jayden’s party in June, 2015 @ HMNS Sugar Land

Fantastic, Fantastic, fantastic. I was not prepared at all for how much help would be provided. The coordinators were absolutely incredible. [The best part was that there were] so many activities to keep the kid’s attention during the party; so much help from the museum staff. Not sure I had a least favorite part. Both my husband and I thought it was all really wonderful, as did the guests.
Meredith about Norah’s party in June, 2015 @ Hermann Park

I would give our overall experience an A+. This was our first birthday party at the Museum, but we have been to LOTS of birthday parties at other venues. My favorite part of the party was not having to clean it up! I also really loved how well the room was set up, and how seamlessly everything ran. The kids really loved the dino dig--there were kids wearing their dinosaur necklaces on Monday at school! They also really loved passing around artifacts in the Hall of Paleontology, and getting to roar like dinosaurs. The coordinator was awesome!! The kids absolutely loved him, even the most timid among them. He had the kids engaged, and having a great time. I can’t say enough great things about our experience. I would definitely recommend a HMNS birthday party to any of our friends or family. It was also such a nice change from the typical birthday party!
Michelle about Margaret’s party in May, 2015 @ Hermann Park

Thank you so much for everything! We had such a wonderful time. The coordinator was just fabulous! She was so friendly and helpful. We all just loved her! Thank you again! Seeing how happy my son was with his friends just made my day! 
Noshin about Devin’s party in May, 2015 @ Hermann Park

We absolutely loved everything about his party! Yes, it was our first birthday party at the museum. We first visited the museum a few months ago and Jackson just fell in love with it. He woke up every morning asking to go back to the museum and would say that the day he spent at the museum was the best day of his life! He loved it so much we decided to book his party there and bought a membership for our whole family.

Our favorite part was the tour of the paleontology wing. Our coordinator was beyond AWESOME! I would love to have him at another one of our parties! He was great with the kiddos and he seemed to be an expert as far as the museum goes!

Booking was extremely easy and convenient and I would recommend it to all my friends and family. Thank you!

Becca about Jackson’s party in April, 2015 @ Hermann Park

Everybody loved the party and the coordinator did a fantastic job. She was great with the kids and I really appreciate her help with the food and setting things up. I really liked the room, and the tour, which was my favorite parts of the party - the tour information the coordinator gave is something you don't hear when you're on your own. I recommend the party to any kid, especially to those that are interested in science. I think even older kids would really enjoy it too.
Jannathan about Isabella’s party in April, 2015 @ Hermann Park

Thank you for organizing our party. It was just wonderful and the coordinator was fantastic. He could not have been more helpful or cheerful. We will always have fond memories of that special day.
Mary about Rory’s party in April, 2015 @ Hermann Park

This was my first time having a Bday party at the museum. I knew that you offered Bday parties, because a friend of mine attended a Bday party at the museum in Houston. I loved the museum at Sugar Land for many reasons, close location, size of museum (not to overwhelming), attention of the staff, and overall the atmosphere of my bday party was quaint. The kids who attended had lots of fun. My favorite part of the party was the dig pit and the museum tour. The kids really wanted to spend more time in the pit. The coordinator was great and very attentive. He was informative during the tour and really kept the kids engaged. The booking process was very easy and management was fantastic in meeting all my needs and answering any questions I may have had. Yes, I would definitely recommend birthday parties at the museum.

Thanks again for everything!

Lisa about Logan’s party in March, 2015 @ HMNS Sugar Land

This was the first time we have done a party at the museum. We attended one in May of 2014 which is how I found out about them. All the kids had a fantastic time. They all really enjoyed the slime and the planetarium show. I also loved that anyone who attended the party could stay and enjoy the museum exhibits for the rest of the day, that was a pleasant surprise. The booking process was really simple and the management staff were so very helpful. I would definitely recommend the museum to friends looking for a unique birthday experience.
We had such a great experience that we've signed John and his older brother up for the scout camps this summer.

Monica about John’s party in March, 2015 @ Hermann Park  

Simply put, I could not have asked for a better party! My son has wanted a party at the museum since the first time we set foot in the building many years ago. I cannot explain the depths of his joy to share something he loves with his friends.

The tour was fantastic and the coordinators were friendly, knowledgeable and a general joy to be around. The coordinators were invaluable for their help setting up and really wowed us all on the tour. Some of the kids had never been to the museum. They helped make this a memory they will never forget!

I would definitely recommend a party at the museum to anyone! The best comment that I got from a child who attended was "this is the coolest way I ever started spring break." From a ten year old, that is a huge hit! All of the families that attended said it was worth the trip from Conroe and a wonderful way to spend time with each other and their families. And they all learned something new. I would call that a smashing success!

Thank you so much for all that you do. You made my son's birthday one he will NEVER forget! I cannot thank you enough for all your help!

Staci about Colby’s party in March, 2015 @ Hermann Park

Birthday party was great! It was our first party at the HMNS and I found out about the party after thinking about a party at the museum. The coordinator was great! She had smile on her face throughout the party and also did a great job interacting with 5 yrs old toddlers. I liked everything about the party. Thanks for the smooth booking process.
Eunah about Elijah’s party in January, 2015 @ HMNS Hermann Park

Thanks the party was fantastic! We thought the coordinators did a great job and the kids seemed to really love making the slime. My son said that was his favorite part. This was our first party here and I will consider a party here for my daughter in a few years. My favorites were the dig pit and dinosaur tour. The balloon artist was great and the kids loved that as well. You guys made everything so easy and will definitely recommend your site to friends. Thank you!!!
Rani about Brynden’s party in January, 2015 @ HMNS Sugar Land

We all had a fantastic time at the party, thank you! Beth loved every moment. The kids were all really engaged throughout, it was fantastic. Answers to your questions below:
What was your favorite and least favorite part of the party? Our favorite parts were the tour of the paleontology hall and of course the dig pit! We enjoyed all of it. I thought the party bags were great and very good value for money.
How did your coordinator do running the party? She was wonderful. She made Beth feel really special, was very helpful, fun, knowledgeable and engaging, kept the activities moving along really well.
Was the booking process easy? Yes.
Would you recommend our birthday parties to your family and friends? Definitely!
Is there anything you feel we need to improve upon? No - we loved it!

Imogen about Beth’s party in January, 2015 @ HMNS Sugar Land

This was our first party at the Museum and the kids and adults enjoyed it a lot. Management did a very good job in the organization and made it easier on me. The most favorite part was the butterfly display tour. The coordinator managed things very well. Booking was easy.
Julio about Daniella’s party in January, 2015 @ HMNS Hermann Park

Overall, the party was great! The coordinator was very helpful, very attentive. The kids had a blast. One of our guests mentioned that her daughter actually suggested having her birthday party at HMNS next time. Overall, it was a great experience. Thank you so much for all your help.
Christine about Abigail’s party in July, 2014 @ HMNS Hermann Park  

I would like to thank you guys for all of your hard work that y'all put together for Alexander's birthday this past weekend. He had a great time, as well as everyone else at the party. The coordinators were especially accommodating when our pizza delivery was very very late. They made sure to keep everyone occupied and busy while that was being taken care of. They did a great job, and I wanted to let you guys know that they were excellent. Thanks again for all of your help.
Brent and Lindsey about Alexander’s birthday party in July, 2014 @ HMNS Sugar Land

We had the most amazing time! The coordinators were fabulous to work with and I especially appreciated their flexibility. They went out of their way to make sure that everything was the way that I wanted it and also to make Katie, who has Asperger's, comfortable. Most of the adults really appreciated being able to walk around the museum while we were having the party. My only problem is that Katie loved the Bugs on Wheels so much that she now wants pet hissing cockroaches and a pet tarantula. It was an incredible event and I would not change a thing!
Brandee about Katie’s birthday party in May, 2014 @ HMNS Hermann Park

We had a fantastic party! It truly was one of my favorite parties that I have had for my children and I got a lot of great feedback from the other parents! We have been members for some time now and my children love it! My son told me he wanted a dinosaur party at the "dinosaur museum" so I looked online and saw that you did parties. I have been working with the Assistant Manager and she was wonderful from the beginning! You all made it very easy for me. Our coordinator was great with meeting all our expectations and was wonderful with the kids! She kept them engaged and the timing for all the events was perfect for 4 year olds. I was actually surprised how she kept all the kids attention throughout the tour! Thanks so much for a great memory!!
Kathryn about Luka’s birthday party in April, 2014 @ HMNS Sugar Land

I just wanted to let you know that the coordinator was a pleasure to work with on Saturday. The room was ready when we got there and she was very helpful throughout the whole experience. The kids had a terrific time and she was so good at keeping their attention! It was the best birthday experience we've had!
Cristina about Lucas’ birthday party in April, 2014 @ HMNS Sugar Land

I thought the party was GREAT! It was easy to book, especially at the last minute. I would definitely recommend HMNS to my friends (already have)! The coordinator did a great job; she set everything up beautifully, successfully corralled 15 four year olds and was very knowledgeable about the dinosaur exhibit. I don't have a least favorite part. My favorite part was the tour of the paleontology hall. This was our first party and it was overall a lovely experience!
Carissa about Caitlyn’s birthday party in April, 2014 @ HMNS Hermann Park

Allen really enjoyed his party! This was our first Birthday party at the museum. We went to one of his friends’ party there last year. Everything about the party was great – we especially liked how the coordinator interacted with kids. Booking was very easy and we definitely recommend it to our friends. All of the party guests really enjoyed the party!  
Fizza about Allen’s birthday party in April, 2014 @ HMNS Sugar Land

Evan had a wonderful birthday party at HMNS Sugarland and my husband and I couldn't be happier. Evan loved that the coordinator made sure he was first in line. Also, when he had fallen behind, she waited on him to arrive to let the kids into the Dino Dig. I appreciated the flexible scheduling and how I was able to rearrange the party schedule based on my wishes. Party room was a good size, with enough seating. I liked the large group (20 kids, 20 adults) allowed. Staff was all very nice. Party guests gave really positive feedback about what a fun and different party that Evan had; most had not been there before. I really appreciated the "during the week" discount! Also, LOVED the group photo op in front of the dinosaur fossil; really great idea and well done. The coordinator did an outstanding job; she really has a great ability to work with groups of young kids (and parents). She was good about keeping us on schedule yet flexible when I wanted a little more time eating. She was good at communicating with me during the party. She did a good job decorating the room and helping me out with last minute party prep (found a serving spoon for me.) She was knowledgeable about the areas of the museum that we visited. I was very impressed with her! Thank you!
Valerie about Evan’s birthday party in February, 2014 @ HMNS Sugar Land

Before I answer the questions below, I want to sincerely express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for all the work that was put forth by the entire team at HMNS. We whole heartedly and more importantly Khanh’s friends had a great time and feedback that we have been receiving has been nothing but rave reviews. Kudos to you and the team for helping us make it one of the most enjoyable days for Khanh. Now on to the questions:
1. Was this your first birthday party at the Museum? First for our kids, but we have attended birthday parties at HMNS before
2. How did you find out that we did Birthday Parties? From friends and from attending birthday parties at HMNS
3. What was your favorite and least favorite part of the party? Favorite: the great service and professionalism in which we were treated with. There are no “least” favorites.
4. How did your party coordinators do running the party? They were “KEYS” to the car, without them it would not have been as great as it was
5. Did Khanh and her guests enjoy the Balloon Artist and Face Painter? 1000% YES
6. Was the booking process easy? 1000% YES
7. Would you recommend our birthday parties to your family and friends? 1000% YES

Quang about Khanh’s birthday party in January, 2014 @ HMNS Herman Park

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