Planetarium Shows

Travel through the cosmos as high-resolution video technology projects images of planets, stars, meteors, solar systems and entire galaxies on the domed surface of the Burke Baker Planetarium.

Black Holes

The immensity and power of black holes inspire wonder and curiosity. As we consider these stellar enigmas, the very nature…

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Dark Side of the Moon

Pink Floyd's legendary album returns, enhanced by all of the capacities of the Museum’s high-definition, full-dome video system. Fantastic sound…

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Death of the Dinosaurs

What killed the dinosaurs? See how these giants lived and survived on the earth millions of years ago and even…

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Forward to the Moon

Kari Byron from Crash Test World and Myth Busters launches us on a journey beyond the Earth towards a sustainable…

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Passport to the Universe

Explore the wonders of our universe! Narrator Tom Hanks guides a flight through the universe and deep into galactic space.…

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Starry Night Express

Starry Night Express will take you on a tour of the night sky, from your own backyard to the solar…

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Stars Of The Pharaohs

Travel to ancient Egypt 6,000 years ago to see how astronomers made the first solar calendar, aligned their temples and…

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The Great Planet Adventures

With muscles and bones made on Earth, you'll be a super star on the solar system's low-gravity worlds. Imagine zip…

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Totality Over Texas

A once in a lifetime astronomical event is happening over Texas in 2024! Total solar eclipses are a rare and…

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Unseen Universe

We are creatures of sight, always trying to see farther and in greater detail -- exploring the distant universe far…

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