Lactation Room

HMNS never restricts nursing anywhere in our facility.

However, many parents may feel more comfortable in a semi-private space; these individuals are welcome to use the Lactation Room.

HMNS supports breastfeeding, milk expression, or bottle feeding and wants parents to have a comfortable space to use during their visit to the museum.

A Lactation Room is located on the 2nd level of the museum near the emergency exit stairwell in the Duncan Wing and unlocked during public hours. This room may be used for milk expression, breastfeeding, bottle feeding or quiet time. The entrance door has a frosted, glass panel and has a “Lactation Room” sign on the wall next to the door.

Please note the icon for the Lactation Room on the map below

Icon for Lactation Room

This space contains three comfortable seats with privacy screens and electrical outlets, a wastebasket, kids’ tables and stools, sanitizing supplies, materials to keep siblings engaged, and access to Wifi. Family restrooms are located nearby, just outside the door and to the right.

The rules for the Lactation Room are as follows:

Welcome!  HMNS cares about nursing parents and wants you to feel comfortable while visiting the Museum. This space is intended to make your visit to HMNS with your child a little easier.

Please help us keep this room safe by respecting these rules:

1. This room should only be used by caregivers and children who need the space, either for milk expression, breastfeeding, bottle feeding or quiet time.

2. Please leave your strollers outside.

3. Please be respectful of other guests who may be using the facility.

4. Be respectful of materials located in the room by not purposefully damaging furniture, books, and supplies provided by HMNS and returning everything to its place for the next patron to use.

5. We know things sometimes break. Please let us know if you see something that needs attention by emailing or calling 713-639-4629.

6. Sanitation and cleaning materials are available for your convenience. Please sanitize and clean up after yourself before leaving the room.

7. Please mind your belongings. HMNS is not responsible for lost or stolen items inside the Lactation Room.

8. We do not have the capability to offer storage of personal belongings or breastmilk in the Lactation Room. Please take all your belongings with you when you are ready to leave the space.


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