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Bugs on Wheels

During Earth Science on Wheels, an HMNS staff member will bring field geology, fossils and more to your classroom through interactive, hands-on presentations!
Giant katydids, hissing cockroaches, exotic beetles, and beautiful butterflies will fascinate students of all ages during fun, hands-on presentations.

Our Cockrell Butterfly Center staff come right to you, bringing an array of specimens to introduce you to the wonderful world of insects, arachnids, and other arthropods! We offer several programs, each with a different emphasis.

Where else can audiences interact with a live walking-leaf insect, a butterfly chrysalis, or a tarantula while learning about the importance of insects and their relatives to our world?

Half Day Pricing: $425
Full Day Pricing: $525

Details and Restrictions:

  • Capacity: Maximum of 30 students per presentation
  • There is a mileage fee for locations more than 20 miles from the Museum.
  • Presentations
    • Tailored to grade-specific TEKS objectives. Before and After presentation curriculum available for each Program
    • Half Day: $425 Maximum 3 hours, including up to 6 presentations
    • Full Day: $525 Maximum 5 hours, including up to 8 presentations

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Filling out this form does not indicate your Outreach Program is scheduled, you will receive an email with your invoice attached once your Program is confirmed.

Discover Our Programs

We offer four separate Bugs on Wheels programs, each with a different emphasis.

Little Bodies, Big Jobs!

Don’t let their small stature fool you! These bugs are tiny, but mighty!
Learn how arthropods play a pivotal role in shaping a healthy environment. From pollinators, to pest control, to clean-up crews, and beyond, these little bugs have big jobs that they have to accomplish! The world would certainly look like a much different place without their help.
Bugs on Wheels: Little Bodies, Big Jobs! brings a selection of live arthropods from the Cockrell Butterfly Center to your classroom. Audiences of all ages will have a unique opportunity to meet some of the hardest workers in the invertebrate world up close and personal.

The Basics of Bugs

From insects to arachnids to “every-bug” in between, the world of arthropods is a huge and diverse place!
Learn how being a bug can mean a lot of different things in this fun and interactive presentation about the wild world of arthropods and how to differentiate between them.
Bugs on Wheels: The Basics of Bugs brings a wide selection of live arthropods ranging from insects, arachnids, myriapods, and more to your classroom. Audiences of all ages will have a unique opportunity to meet and learn about a truly diverse group of organisms.

The Magic of Metamorphosis

Lots of bugs go through some interesting life cycles, but what makes butterflies and moths so special and unique? Why, their mysterious and magical metamorphosis that they undergo, of course!
In this presentation, learn about the differences of butterflies and moths, what happens in their pupal stage, the relationship between plants and pollinators, and more!
Bugs on Wheels: The Magic of Metamorphosis allows your class to get up close and personal with a live butterfly specimen and learn about the various stages of its life cycle and its miraculous transformation!

Adaptation Exploration

When it comes to eating or being eaten, bugs rely on their wide range of adaptations for survival. Many fascinating species of arthropods have become masters of camouflage, mimicry, defense, and more! In other words… you’ll never find a boring bug when you really study their fascinating features!

Investigate how different arthropods have evolved over time to perfectly fit into their environment in this fun and interactive presentation.

Bugs on Wheels: Adaptation Exploration brings a selection of live arthropods from the Cockrell Butterfly Center to your classroom. Audiences of all ages will have a unique opportunity to meet some bugs with some amazing adaptations up close and personal.