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Science on Stage

Unleash the Thrill of Science with ConocoPhillips Science On Stage!
ConocoPhillips Science On Stage offers an exciting opportunity to delve into the world of chemistry, energy, and physics through captivating large-group presentations. These interactive demonstrations, combined with the assistance of student volunteers, create an engaging experience for all participants.

With ConocoPhillips Science On Stage, students can witness the fascinating effects of liquid nitrogen, observe the transformation of energy, and witness Newton’s laws in action. The programs are designed to make science concepts come alive and showcase their relevance in a fun and memorable way.

There are three distinct programs available, each with its own unique focus, allowing students to explore various aspects of science. Whether it’s chemistry, energy, or physics, ConocoPhillips Science On Stage offers an immersive and educational experience that will ignite curiosity and inspire a love for science.

 First Presentation – $425, Each Presentation Thereafter – $150

Details and Restrictions:

  • Capacity: Maximum 250 students per presentation
  • Ages: 7-18 (Grades 2-12)
  • There is a mileage fee for locations more than 20 miles from the Museum.
  • Presentations
    • Tailored to grade-specific TEKS objectives.
    • Before and After presentation curriculum available for each Program
  • First Assembly Presentation: $425
  • Each Presentation Thereafter: $150 Must be on same topic. Restrictions apply.

Ready to Book?

A Reservation Coordinator will contact you within 3-5 business days to complete your booking request. The reservations office hours are Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. excluding holidays. *Note: All Programs require a 3 week notice. Inquires made within a 3 week time period may not be fulfilled. 

Filling out this form does not indicate your Outreach Program is scheduled, you will receive an email with your invoice attached once your Program is confirmed.

Discover Our Programs

We offer three separate ConocoPhillips Science on Stage programs, each with a different emphasis.

Motion Commotion

See Newton’s laws of motion brought to life, through interactive demonstrations which allow the audience to experience their practical applications.
Find out how levers work, learn why every action has a reaction, and watch the relationship between mass and inertia as you discover the science behind motion in all its forms.
Explore momentum, friction, and collisions in a unique demonstration of glider carts on an air track, showing how movement is affected by changing conditions.
What’s the commotion about motion? Find out when you book this program, and see how much fun physics can be!

Exploring Energy

Discover the science behind energy transformations through exciting, fun and interactive demonstrations of electricity, sound, and light. Energy is everywhere!
This presentation investigates various types of energy, showing how they are produced, and how they affect matter, while covering key TEKS science objectives in a fun way.
See how an electrical circuit works, learn how instruments produce different pitches, and find out how glow sticks make light – all in one presentation!

Cool Chemistry

Have a blast (literally!) witnessing demonstrations of combustion, color changes, and polymers, and watching the incredible effects of liquid nitrogen! This exciting presentation takes an in-depth look at chemical changes and states of matter, observing various types of reactions and the byproducts created. From seeing a “stoplight” reaction, to examining the special properties of lycopodium, the wonders of chemistry will amaze your students.
Discover all the fascinating ways we use chemistry in our daily lives, as we show you how fireworks get their color, why diapers are so absorbent, and so much more!”
*Please note that depending on the supply of liquid nitrogen that dry ice may be used as a substitute.