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Wildlife on Wheels

Dive into Life Science with Live Animals and Real Museum Specimens!
Live animals and real Museum specimens give students of all ages a unique, hands-on opportunity to dive into life science!

Explore the basics of animal life, through fun interactive presentations which include diverse topics such as biology, zoology, geography, and more.

We offer six separate Wildlife On Wheels programs, each with a different emphasis.

Meet unusual animals and learn about their adaptations for survival, as you experience life science in a whole new way!

Half Day: $425
Full Day: $525
Details and Restrictions:
  • Capacity: Maximum of 30 students per presentation
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided. Hand washing immediately following the presentation is strongly encouraged.
  • For children ages Pre-K and younger, following the live animal presentation children will have an opportunity to touch one animal chosen by the presenter.
  • For more information on the CDC recommendations regarding contact with live animals, download this PDF.
  • There is a mileage fee for locations more than 20 miles from the Museum.
  • Presentations
    • Tailored to grade-specific TEKS objectives.
    • Before and After presentation curriculum available for each Program
  • Half Day: $425 Maximum 3 hours, including up to 6 presentations
  • Full Day: $525 Maximum 5 hours, including up to 8 presentations

Ready to Book?

A Reservation Coordinator will contact you within 3-5 business days to complete your booking request. The reservations office hours are Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. excluding holidays. *Note: All Programs require a 3 week notice. Inquires made within a 3 week time period may not be fulfilled. 

Filling out this form does not indicate your Outreach Program is scheduled, you will receive an email with your invoice attached once your Program is confirmed.

Discover Our Programs

We offer six separate Wildlife On Wheels programs, each with a different emphasis.


Explore the structure of a rainforest, meet the unusual animals who live there, and discover the abundant resources rainforests provide!
In this exciting, hands-on presentation, students will discover the incredible story of one of the world’s most remarkable and abundant ecosystems, as they get to know each fascinating layer of the rainforest.
Did you know over half the world’s plant and animal species are found in rainforests? Learn about the amazing array of medicines and everyday products the rainforest provides, and see why this environment is an invaluable resource for our future survival.
Experience the exotic wonders of rainforests with us, and gain a new appreciation for their vitality to life on Earth!
Recommended for 3rd Grade and above

Reptiles and Amphibians

From lizards to snakes, and frogs to salamanders, discover these animals’ natural history from prehistoric times to the present day!

Through hands-on teaching using live specimens, students will explore how reptiles and amphibians have evolved through history, compare and contrast their characteristics, and examine the unique adaptations which help them survive in specialized environments.

Learn how to distinguish turtles and tortoises, why reptiles lay eggs, and how lizards smell (not with noses!).


Explore the wonderful and diverse world of animals with backbones, as you learn more about the five major groups!
This presentation investigates birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and fishes, covering anatomy, habitats, adaptations, and more.
Thrilling, hands-on experiences and demonstrations with live specimens will teach students the five major vertebrate groups and their distinguishing characteristics in a memorable way.
Discover how being “cold-blooded” or “warm-blooded” benefits an animal, learn the difference between a frog and a toad, and find out which animals are the “rulebreakers” of the animal kingdom!

Texas Wildlife

Investigate the variety of habitats found in Texas and see how animals have adapted to survive in our diverse state!
Discover the unique features of each land region – from the humidity of the Gulf Coast, to the arid mountains of West Texas, to the flat plains of Central Texas between.
In such varied climates, how do animals cope with meeting their four basic needs of food, water, shelter, and room to live? Find out as we travel across the state, meeting live specimens of native species along the way.
From alligators to snakes, and toads to tortoises, get to know the amazing animals who call our great state home!

Venomous vs. Poisonous

Delve into a world of danger as you learn about venomous and poisonous animals, and the differences among their adaptations! Presenters will use a limited selection of live animals to cover the mechanisms of these defenses.
Examine models and preserved specimens while identifying the traits of native venomous snakes and other toxic animals. The effects of these highly adapted toxins, such as hemotoxins and neurotoxins, will also be discussed as students learn the advantages of each toxin.
Discover how amazing these special animals are, and find out how to stay safe if you spot one, when you book this presentation!
Recommended for 3rd Grade and above